Nail Care Gift Guide | 2019

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Hello there! Today I am starting to share gift guides because well it is that time of year! I want to kind of have these organized to make it easier for everyone so each guide will sort of have a main focus! Todays is all about nail care/essential products. So I'm sharing some products I have used and love! Plus I use most of them weekly if not daily. :)

All of these items would make fore great gifts for a friend, or yourself! Ha! Or better yet you could put together a fun lil nail care kit and fit that! How fun would that be. I love doing those sorts of things, but also wrapping each item individually to make it even more fun for the person opening! Hehehe!

One more things real quick before we get too deep in, some of these items are mainstream, and some are indie. So be on the look out for my Black Friday/Holiday Sales blog post coming soon that will let you know about these brands sales. Also all of the products I have linked I have tried my best to link the most affordable option if it is sold on multiple sites.

1. Glass File - I have used a few different Glass Files but I have to say the Heroine NYC Glass File is my all time favorite.

2. Cuticle Oil - I LOVE love, love cuticle oil, and I am always putting it on but I actually use various different brands and love them all equally. I will say I tend to grab a cuticle oil pen more so than a bottle but I do keep those bottles at my nail desk and use them when I am there so down below are the ones in my rotation. :)

Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil Pen - So many great scent options! I have a scent thats no longer available tho!

Stella Chroma Cuticle Oil Pen - So many scent options, I have Cranberry Salsa and LOVE it!

Different Dimensions Cuticle Oil Pen - Again, so many options! I have a Limited Edition scented one that I love!

Painted Phalanges - This is in a bottle and I use it for more of my sit down and pamper my nails sessions! I have the scent Chillaxin and its so nice and calming.

3. Zoyas Hydrate & Heal system is SO nice! I love this and use it a lot in the wintery months. It comes with a serum, and a lotion and I use the system all together, its great. Plus the serum has no scent, but the lotion does, however its very light which makes this a great gift in my opinion!

4. Sunnys Miracle Balm is SO good! I just love this stuff! I don't use this all of the time, but this is what I use if I need intense repair! It works so well for that, and she literally has over 100 scents to chose from!

5. Cuticle Remover! I have really been liking using a cuticle remover lately and I alternate two! One I have been using for years, and one that I've only had for a few months. So both of those are below!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover

Glisten & Glow Cuticle Remover 

6. Base Coats - Because I swatch a lot and don't wear one polish for a long extended amount of time I have a handful of faves that I use only myself and my mom because I enjoying doing her nails! :) So here are those!

IMK Nails Peel off Base coat is a must for me! Latex Free, and affordable!

Nails Inc Superfood Base

Zoya Naked Base

7. Top Coats - I am always trying new top coats but there have been some stand outs lately, and one that I know I will have to repurchase when the time comes because I love it. So those are below!

Moon Shine Mani Let's Go Quick Dry Top Coat - This comes in multiple scents and I LOVE it!

Northern Nail Polish - 30 Second Quick Drying Top Coat - This actually dries that quick!

Londontown Lakur Gel Genuis Top Coat - This is for regular polish! Also this is pricy, I only use it if I know I am not painting my nails again for a week or more and I really want my mani to last, or on my toes which stay on forever! This stuff wears SOOO well!

8. Scrubs- I LOVE sugar scrubs, well really just scrubs in general and I use them daily. Do you need too, probably not, but every other day would be good for those normal polish wearers! :) I have a rotation of ones I use so here are my most used ones!

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub - I love all of their scents! Right now I have the Brazilian Nut in my shower, and a blue one by my sink, can't recall its name It was one that came out last

Stella Chroma Coffee Body Polish - In the Straight Up Scent please! All of the coffee smells! :)

Stella Chroma Emulsified Sugar Scrub - All of the scents left sound amazing, they no longer have the current one I am using tho!

Moon Shine Mani Sugar Scrub - This just came out not too long ago and is only available in the scent Honey Gingerbread, but I LOVE it, it smells like Christmas!

9. Remover - Yeah I do have a favorite remover, weird right?! LOL!

Targets Strengthening Nail Polish Remover with a Pump is GREAT! When it runs out I just get the refill bottle and fill it back up! Its not expensive either which is really nice!

If I am going to use acetone though I do also use the Target Brand one.  However I then add a Moon Shine Mani Acetone Additive.

*** Some of these products my have been received as a sample, or a brand deal in the past. However I was not obligated to post about them. All of these items mentioned are actually products I use, and or would repurchase for myself/or as a gift.


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