Nailmas 2019 | All You Need To Know


Hello there everyone and welcome to 25 Sweetpeas, and the headquarters for all things Nailmas! In 2018 I started something called #Nailmas and today I want to tell you all about it, how you can get involved, and some helpful tips! So lets chat about it and cover all of your questions!

What is Nailmas?

Nailmas is my version of Vlogmas. Which means from December 1st-24th or 25th I have a new video up on my Youtube Channel relating to nails in some way or form.

When is Nailmas?

Traditionally Vlogmas starts on December 1st or 2nd depending on how you film/edit and then lasts until your choice of Christmas Eve or Christmas.

Personally I post Videos December 1st - 24th. This is up to you and I actually may go a little longer this year! We will see! ;)

Is Nailmas only for Youtubers?

No, absolutely not! You are welcome to use the #Nailmas on any and all platforms.

How do I participate if I am not on Youtube?

Just post Christmas themed nails daily from December 1st-24th or 25th. So if you are posting a Holiday Mani on those days as apart of Nailmas you would post on social media using #Nailmas.

For Example, Meg Tannahill participated on Instagram, here is one of her designs from last year, and she was opening an OPI advent calendar and doing manis with it for #Nailmas.

What if I can't do it all, or what if I miss a day?

Don't stress it, don't worry about it, its OK! This is just meant to be fun and festive. It's also during the busiest time of year so no worries, just have fun.

Are there themes or a prompt list I have to follow?

Have to? No! What you do it 100% up to you.

What if I run out of ideas, or can't think of something?

This year after having had the 12 Days of Halloween go so well I have decided to share a relaxed prompt list for #Nailmas. This prompt list does not give a prompt for everyday, so if you just want to do this smaller version of Nailmas you are welcome to, also this prompt list will cover the whole month of December, so you really its just a fun festive list to use if you want sometime a little more structured.

Do I have to do the Prompt List if I am participating in #Nailmas?

Nope! This is just a fun lil list to help you if you want ideas, and or want to participate but not commit to 24 days of Christmas posts!

Nailmas - 2019

Freebie time!

This year I wanted to make #Nailmas even more fun so like I mentioned above, I have a prompt list if you want one! You can do it in conjunction with the full fledged 24 Days of Christmas posts, or you can just do it alone. Its all up to you, just make it fun!

Also I wanted to share a lil calendar for you it you want to keep track of it all. Also there is a GIF pack for you to use in your stories, they work like sticker in Instagram Stories, and I have a tutorial on how to use stickers here.

I actually have a whole little Nailmas Bundle for you! Which you can download by clicking on the images above or the download link below.

The bundle includes:

1 Gif
1 Calendar Desktop Sized Featuring Prompt List
1 Instagram Prompt Graphic for Prompt List
1 Printable Calendar Graphic with the Prompt List

Now I think you have all of the information on what Nailmas is and or how to participate so now its the fun part, all of the creating! Also remember to use the #Nailmas on all platforms! You can even put it in your Description on Youtube and it will organize it with all of the other videos! Also remember on Instagram you can follow # so go ahead and follow the #Nailmas tag and have fun with everyone! Might I also suggest using #Nailmas2019 if you want it organized by year! :)

If you have any questions or concerns, or really any thoughts about  anything I covered here, let me know and I will help you out! :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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