Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 47

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there and welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks post! This weekend I have slacked. I went to a Christmas tree lighting last night and didn't take a photo of the Christmas Tree! Who am I?! Ha! I took video at the concert portion, and that's on my Instagram stories, but still! Lil sad about my slacking. Anywhoo instead, you can just look at this beach photo in true Sweetpeas Picks fashion because I feel like more often than not this is the type of post I use as an excuse to share a beach pic! So lets chat!

1. Christmas Tree Lighting season is here! I got to see MAX last night at ours and it was really good! He is good live, and it was just a lot of fun! Are you going to any Christmas Tree lightings?

2. The beach I go to "my beach" and the one photographed above has been closed illegally and I'm not happy about it at all. If you are in the Northeast Florida Area, check on your beach. I know my county has a lot of closures right now because FEMA has finally started to disburse funds post Matthew (2016 Hurricane). However some beaches are being closed for other reasons, yet they shouldn't be. So just check up on your beach. Also I would highly suggest this Facebook Group to see if it covers a beach you go to.

3. I Hate La by Hot Chelle Rae has FINALLY come out and I am so enjoying it.

4. Did you see the Scoobs Trailer? I grew up watching Scooby Doo with my brothers so I watched the preview, and eh! It looks cute graphic wise, and how Shaggy and Scooby met but like... Scooby isn't supposed to talk like that. Thats really throwing me off! Any one else?

5. The other day in my content meeting I had decided to scale back my intro for Nailmas, however this morning I had this idea, and I'm super excited about it. Its still scaled back to an extent based on last years, but also more advanced than last year. Anyway, I HOPE it works. Soon as I finish up this post, I will be attempting a draft for it! Eppp! :)

6. Being in the art world of any kind, can be hard/confusing and well there are a lot of blurred lines I think. Sometimes it gets to me, for example I read this Bardot Brush Blog post and it was just spot on. Sometimes you know what you want to do, but are lacking ideas, so you then research, and eventually it turns into something completely your own. Dana Fox, The Wonder Forest, also had a video that I really agreed with.

7.  I can officially say, I have worn clothes for every season in just the past few days! Ha, thats Florida for ya at this time of year. I mean this weekend it was actually cold enough for me to get out boots, and yet today I am back in shorts!

Well everyone, I think that is it for this Sweetpeas Picks Chat! I am now off to work on some Nailmas details, and some ideas! :) Can't wait to share them with you. The goal is to have all of the details up this week so anyone going can prepare now! :)

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah 


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