Beachy Christmas Nail Art | Nailmas 2019

Beachy Christmas Nail Art

Hello there! Today I am playing catch up because over the week of Christmas I took a break from computer work. This was unintentional, but nice, yet also I really missed it! So anything you saw being posted on the blog since Christmas was basically written pre Christmas, with the exception on yesterdays blog post. :) That all being said I wanted to make sure the Nailmas designs from 2019 had a home on the blog, so I will be back dating these too for organizational purposes!

Whew, ok now that I have totally confused everyone, here is on of MY favorite designs from this years Nailmas. Y'all know I LOVE a Beachy Christmas theme. The beach, and really just anything tropical always are my weak spots. I love beach visits, being near the beach, sunsets at the ocean or intracoastal, and or sunrises. Really I am just the happiest on a bright blue skied sunny day by the Atlantic Ocean. Its hard to put my love for it into words.

Beachy Christmas Nail Art

I was scrolling through my photos, and "stories" from 2019 today, and while 2019 wasn't a great year, all of the moments spent near the beach, or pertaining to days in that area, were the most memorable in a good way. From early sunrise, to content meetings steps away from the sand, our annual island day, and a few other days revolving around the ocean were honestly the best part of the year.

I love a day that starts with good music, a cup off coffee, then me switching into my swimsuit, grabbing my beach towel, getting in the car listening to my "on the way to the beach songs", and then spending a few hours on the beach. After that, then coming home, showering, putting on my "after beach" clothes, and just chilling at home, sorting through my beach finds, usually doing something creative because the beach always inspires me, then ending the day with either Mexican food, or a Shrimp dish and a Pina Colada. Ahhh this makes me want my favorite sort of day so bad!

Beachy Christmas Nail Art

I love the idea of a beach trip on Christmas, which is why I always do a beachy Christmas Mani, but our weather is usually not ideal on Christmas so thats not actually happened. :) However it has happened on my nails as you can see, and this is probably one of my faves from this years Nailmas.

If you would like there is a time lapse of this nail art up on my Youtube. Its sort of a more detailed design so I went the time lapse route rather than a tutorial, but I think if you did want to create this look you could from watching the video. Find it HERE.

~25 Sweetpeas


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