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25 Sweetpeas Top 9 2019

Hello there! Happy New Year, its officially 2020, and thats weird. I have a song on my phone that came out a few years ago and its literally called Don't Cry, 2020 and when that came out 2020 looked so futuristic for some reason. It was weird, yet now here I am in 2020.

2019 was a rough year honestly. In years past I've always had fun looking back on the year. I usually write various posts about the best of the year, and have a lot of fun. However this year when I thought about doing it, it was dreaded more than fun. So rather than dwell on that I've decided to forgo those posts. Plus the 25 Sweetpeas Anniversary is coming up so we will just have fun then instead. Now don't get me wrong 2019 had some great things for 25 Sweetpeas, I really expanded things, worked on some really fun projects, some neat brand deals, and so on, overall though 2019 was hard, and 2020 is starting off that way. However I'm trying to not think too much about things and just enjoy a fresh start. I've found it really hard to be hopeful in the past so many months, but a goal for 2020 is to gain my optimistic self back. :)

Now why we are really here is for my Instagram Top Nine, pictured above! I think if I can learn one thing from my top liked post above, its that y'all like nail art more than swatches. There was a swatch that did make it in, and that is a LOVELY polish! Also can we just talk about the fact that 3 Nailmas posts that were just posted in December made it into the top posts for the YEAR! Thats crazy, and cool! 

While these are all the Top 9 posts based upon likes these aren't actually the Top Instagram posts of mine. Ya know why? Its because "Likes" aren't the end all be all. Which is something I think everyone has been chattering about in 2019. Whether you can see likes on your Instagram or not the number of likes aren't important. Engagement is Important. That included likes, comments, saves, and shares.

There is also another realm to this, you could also rank your posts based off of reach, and well this list doesn't match that either! For me when I look at my Instagram stats, Instagram videos take over my Reach. They are honestly the most popular, and reach include everything engagement does as well as just views. So it's really interesting to see how all of these don't line up.

So here is to a new year of fun content, and creating content I want to make for me. Things I want to do, things I want to try, and just having fun with social media. Also I think this may mean even more blog posts, and more Youtube fun because honestly I love this. I love what I have built 25 Sweetpeas into and I want to do it continuously, and I want to expand it. I want to achieve some pretty crazy goals, but ya never know what will happen if you don't try, so here it to trying! :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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