Christmas Light Nail Art

by - Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Christmas Light Nail Art

Hello there and welcome back! Today I thought I would quickly pop over here and share Day 1 of Nailmas with you that hit Youtube over the weekend. Day one was all about Christmas Lights and I had so much fun with the nails, so lets check them out!

If you aren't Familiar with Nailmas be sure to check out my blog post all about it HERE.

Christmas Light Nail Art

I loved this mani so much because well I LOVE Christmas Lights. I honestly think they are my fave part of Christmas Decor, they are just so pretty! I tend to prefer clear lights but for art purposes I like colored because they pop more! :) I did these freehanded on top of Stella Chroma, Knitted Mittens.

Christmas Light Nail Art

If you would like to watch the tutorial for this mani you can now on YouTube! :)

Stay tuned for more manis!

~25 Sweetpeas

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