Easy Christmas Cheetah Nail Art | Nailmas 2019

Easy Christmas Cheetah Nail Art

Christmas + Cheetah Print because why not! I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint the other day but the other day in a video I mentioned how when I first started out with nail art Cheetah print is what I practiced the most. Its a great starting place in my opinion, so I thought I would through that into Nailmas. This way if you are wanting to start to get into Nail Art you had a fun Christmas Idea, plus something quick and easy for everyone, no matter your skill level.

Easy Christmas Cheetah Nail Art

It looks so full on too which I love! Its a very nice looking mani I think, and so satisfying to finish, trust me, give it a go! :) There is a video on how to do this design too if you want to watch a tutorial. Below is a list of the supplies I used.

China Glaze - Grinchworthy China Glaze - Ho, Ho, No! Nails Inc - White Out Acrylic Paint Dotting Tool Sally Hansens - Big Matte Top Coat

Easy Christmas Cheetah Nail Art

Watch the tutorial HERE.

~25 Sweetpeas


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