My Stunning Nails Polish Pickup January 2020

press sample
My Stunning Nails The Virgin

Hello there, its time for another Polish Pickup post! Whew, so many things to share over the next so many days its kinda crazy. Needless to say a busy end to the year. The January Polish Pickup will be happening January 3rd-6th, and this My Stunning Nails Polish will be available so lets check out this sweet pink.

My Stunning Nails The Virgin

The Virgin
3 coats

The Palest of pinks with Purple Aurora and rainbow flakies.

My Stunning Nails The Virgin

This polish is a bit sheer so it take a lil bit to build up, but 3 easy coats gave me full coverage. The formula was easy to use, and as you can see it has a really soft look to it and I love the pastel tones.

My Stunning Nails The Virgin

So this polish will be available for $11 and there is a 75 US Cap, and a 15 UK Cap. I will link the Polish Pickup Site below, and it will become shop-able on the 3rd!

~25 Sweetpeas


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