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Christmas Tree Nail Art

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you have been having a wonderful Holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday, or even nothing at all! This mani was my Nailmas design yesterday and I really loved it actually! Its one of my faves for this year in all honesty! :) It was so simple yet so cute and happy, and festive!

Christmas Tree Nail Art

This Christmas season has gone by so insanely fast, and at times it didn't even feel like Christmas which makes me sad, but this mani most certainly felt festive and Christmasy! I used Zoya Tanya as the red base, and then all of the art was done with acrylic paint.

Christmas Nail Art

Watch the Tutorial here. Its a rather easy quick mani despite it looks a bit time consuming, its not! :)

Well thats a wrap for today! Hope you have enjoyed this mani, and I hope you are having a wonderful  Holiday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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