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25 Sweetpeas Art Style Series

Hello there! Welcome to the first actual installment in this new series which I am super excited about!   If you don't know what I am talking about this is the start of a new Art Style Series where I will be documenting my art monthly + just chatting about it all, and or anything else I feel like! :) I always enjoy others posts about these sorts of things so why not make my own too! If you want some more back story on it all thought, check out the intro post here. There is a lot of info and lotsa pictures! :)

So starting at the beginning of the year I had just done a balloon piece! (Pictured HERE ). After this I wasn't sure where to go. All seasonal/holiday color palettes were done, I don't like winter, and just was a lil lost in all honest. Also I was taking a bit of a blogging break so I wasn't working with any collections of anything, I just had free time to do whatever I wanted, and yet I didn't know. In my head I was thinking summer. I am always thinking summer, warm, tropical, beach, and I was pinning away in a Summer Mood Board, and following tropical accounts on Instagram. 

Somehow in this unknowingness I stumbled upon Gia Graham on Instagram. *Please go look at her site, and Instagram, they are both BEAUTIFUL, and inspiring.* And fell in love with her color scheming! I did color scheming last summer with my nails and LOVED it and this made me realized I missed it. A LOT! From there I found out she shared colors schemes in her emails, so I signed up and whew It helped. 

Her first email was SO great, fun lil tidbits of inspiring info + an amazing color palette. This helped me get out of my Holiday Color rut.  I'd been looking back on pieces I'd done in the past year and all of my faves has lotsa lining, perfect lines too, and a big sketching process and so on. Even though I loved it, the thought of doing that honestly was stressing me out. I'd been dealing with enough stress from life I really didn't want to subject myself to more that I didn't have to deal with. Plus I found that after one piece in that style my hand really hurt so I didn't do it much.

So that night I decided to just grab my iPad and sit down with a coffee and just do something. I started with the idea of doing a landscape like I'd read the tutorial for but somehow ended up sketching some plants. When in doubt draw plants apparently. I then used a limited color palette, the ones from the the email I mentioned and basically fell in love with it. By no means was the art good but I liked it and LOVED how it came together! It was genuinely so fun. 

That night I ended up doing 2 more pieces, I was on a roll and having so much fun! Turned on a Hallmark movie and just kept going until like 2am! LOL!

After doing this I decided I need to make this a thing! I had been missing color scheming in my nail art so I then went to my polishes and found polish equivalents for the color palette I was using. I actually still have them all out on my desk and I am loving them! I then did some nail art to go along with it all so I could post everything to my Instagram and really just have fun with it and OH MY! I have had so much fun with Instagram this month because of it! Plus seeing all together was so much fun!

As the month went on I did more pieces as the month went on such as....

25 Sweetpeas Earrings

Earrings, rainbows, a book pile that was SO fun, and then I had my 5 year blogaversary so I created a fun graphic for that with the same colors! You can see it HERE. Then I decided to bring more of the blue into the art to create some Strawberry art!

25 Sweetpeas

I just had SO much fun with art this month. I ventured out and played with limited colors, I played with theme and the best thing of it ALL is that I let go of the perfect black lines. I learned I actually really like texture, and non straight lines and by that I actually mean love because I enjoyed art SO much this month. I didn't create a TON, but I did more than enough to make me happy and I can't wait to take what I've learned from this months art to this upcoming month. I'm impatiently waiting for Gia Grahams next color palette email because it gives you 8 colors to work with and I've found that to really work for me. :) If you would like to see more art from this month I've uploaded it all into my Procreate Portfolio HERE. Also I have created a lil gallery below! Hope you like it! Let me know what piece is your fave?!

This Months Art

25 Sweetpeas


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