Moon Shine Mani Project Dupe It | January 2020

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Moon Shine Mani On the Flip Side 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there and welcome back!! Today I have a super excited polish to share about, plus obsess over so lets get right to it! Moon Shine Mani is adding a polish to the Project Dupe It Collection and this month its all about China Glazes Flip Flop Fantasy! Eppp!!! Couldn't be more excited! So lets take a look and have a fun chat about it because I'm SO excited!

Moon Shine Mani On the Flip Side 25 Sweetpeas

So here it is, Moon Shine Manis On The Flip Side, which is meant to be a dupe for China Glazes Flip Flop Fantasy. The original Flip Flop Fantasy too, no the new Orange one that you find in stores. First lets talk formula then we shall compare. So the formula is great! ALL neons need to have this formula, because Its fabulous and I love neons + good formulas + Moon Shine Mani Brushes, so this polish is just amazing. It goes on the nail perfectly in 2 coats. No need for a white nail polish underneath, no patience needed, its really just great to work with and is a dream of a neon.

Moon Shine Mani On the Flip Side 25 Sweetpeas

Now lets Compare! In the above photo I have both Flip Flop Fantasy on and On the Flip Side on. China Glazes Flip Flop Fantasy is on the Left, and Moon Shine Manis On the Flip Side. Both have no top coat on so we can compare finishes and the texture. :) Right off the bat I notice texture. The MSM one is smooth, and looks really nicely applied, whereas the CG one looks less than perfect. I am seeing some ridgey areas and it just looks like it needs to be smoothed. Finish wise both are looking semi matte here so comparable, yet not. Reason being the MSM dries when you are actually done painting the nail where the CG one starts drying mid stroke when applying.

Color wise, they are really close! I would still venture to say the original CG one has a hint more pink but for all intensive purposes this is much closer than what CG replaced the polish with! Much more of a dupe than the current Flip Flop Fantasy you can find in stores.

Moon Shine Mani On the Flip Side 25 Sweetpeas

Overall I love this! Its perfect, I was ecstatic when this showed up. I distinctly remember having posted this one as a suggestion in the FB Group because I LOVE CG Flip Flop Fantasy. Ha, and I think you can tell in todays video by the excitement in my voice. :) Also if you watch it there is a funny story at the end! Anywhoo back to the polish, so not only is it great but I also LOVE the name. It actually correlates with a Song my the Band Click 5 that I love the song is called "Flipside" and the main line is "See You On the Flipside". Epp, I just love it!

This polish is releasing on January 10th, and it will be $9, and it it NOT limited edition which is super exciting as well! Below is a link over to the Moon Shine Mani Shop!

~25 Sweetpeas


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