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Happy New Years 2020 Illustration - 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there and Happy New Year! Its 2020 and that will forever look weird! I feel like its also weird because its the start of a new decade. I guess I have been through a decade before but I don't really remember it being as big of a deal because I guess I was still a bit young for it to really matter. Ha, I really noticed it last night though when my brothers and I were going through a Best of the 10's Playlist! Which was really fun might I add! ;) Music is life and I associate everything with music so it was interesting! Anywhoo today I just wanted to have a fun little chit chatty post. Talk about the new year, and say HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Last year was a year! Good and bad, but when I think about 25 Sweetpeas and everything I do for 25 Sweetpeas + social media it got me thinking. 2019 there was a lot of social media debate. Is it good for you, is it bad? Should I spend time on it? The comparison trap, likes, comments, engagement, reach, fame and so on. Now I will totally admit I get in social media funks, feeling like nothing I post is good, or stress about how it all looks, and so on. I still do from time to time, but when we started 2019, I was not enjoying the platform as a user. It felt stale, littered with ads, less community, and just blah. So I thought it would be nice to share what I did to enjoy Instagram again. The things I have done I actually frequently do to keep things fresh so the start of the year is a great time to do it.

How to Enjoy Social Media in 2020

Clean Out Who You Follow - Go through who you follow and see if what they are posting is something that you want to see in your social feed. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anything else. If something in your feed isn't going to make you smile, feel good, or inspire, and or give you any sort of fulfillment, let it go. Unfollow. 

Don't Feel Bad - Now that I just suggested you unfollow people I realize sometimes that can feel odd or out of place. You might wonder what that account/person is going to think, and this is where you just have to think of yourself. If something you are subjecting yourself too is putting you in a not great state then you are doing the right thing in unfollowing. Interests change, people change, and deep down I think everyone knows that, so they should understand. Plus if they are a creator that is specifically creating things for that content, they would rather have a follower who is going to enjoy their posts rather than just keep on scrolling by, so they should understand. Plus in all honesty most aren't even going to notice. 

Curate Your Subscription/Following Feed - If you are scrolling through what you follow and see an ad that you really do not like, let the platform know. On most all ads you can find a lil set of dots to press, and then you can say Don't Show Me This Again, or I Don't Like This Ad. This should help clean up your feed and allow for the platform to at least get some better targeted ads.

Unfollow As You Go - If you are scrolling through what you are following and you are noticing a few accounts that just aren't bringing you Joy, unfollow. This should help you have more room to see what you actually like in your feed. If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone posts consistently, and it makes you feel down, and just puts in you in funk unfollow! This will help!

Don't Just Scroll - Are you confused by that statement? Well I get it, it sounds weird, but what I mean is don't mindlessly scroll. When you are on a social platform that you want to enjoy, you need to engage. Like posts, comment, save, share, support others content you enjoy. These things may sound odd but this will not only help the creators, people, business and so on that you follow but it will help the platform you are on actually know what to put in your feed. If they see you are liking a lot of beach photos maybe they will show you more of the beach centered photos from people you follow. With Algorithms like Instagram this is helpful, and aggravating that we have to think this way but liking things and engaging on Instagram is going to help you have the best time possible.

Find New People To Follow - I LOVE finding new people to follow, and when I find someone new it can really spark my love for the platform, and get excited about getting on.

Embrace Stories - I put this off for longer than I should have but I really enjoy stories now. They are real, and fun and I know they are hard to watch sometimes because if you are like me and when you finally have time to get on IG its while you are watching TV or a Movie and sound makes it hard, but you will find a way! :) 

Just Have Fun - I know easier said than done but really just think about all of the above points, I'm sure you can do at least one of these things and it will help you enjoy the platform you are on again. Remember we all have good and bad days, take that into consideration when you are feeling bad and on a social platform. Take a step back when you need too. It can be hard, but you can do it. Social Media doesn't have to be bad, its just up to you and how you use it.

Well I think that is it for that bit, if I think of something else I may have done I will let you know. Its really all mindset and not caring which sounds weird I suppose but I believe everyone CAN enjoy social media when used properly and wisely! So here is to finding a fun space in the world of social media in 2020, no on to the Freebies!

~25 Sweetpeas

Free iPhone New Years Wallpapers

Now how about some cute wallpapers for your phone for the New Year! Last night as we were watching the ball drop I decided to draw the 2020 Balloons and then realized they would make a cute wallpaper for a phone so I decided to make 3 different New Years themed designs. 2 are more lock screen material, and then the other one is a good neutral one to go behind apps if you are like me and a bit particular! :) Hope you enjoy at least one of them.  You can grab all of the Wallpapers Here. *

* Wallpapers are for Personal Use only. If you do share them on Instagram Stories please tag me, also please do not crop out my name in the graphic. If you would like to collaborate on an illustration project please enquire by sending an email to, 25.Sweetpeas@gmail.com for rates and details.

Free iPhone New Years Wallpapers

Free iPhone New Years Wallpapers

Free iPhone New Years Wallpapers


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