Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 51

So I took unexpected break from the Sweetpeas Picks series, I have spent the last few weekends since we chatted writing a massive amount of blog posts and creating a mass amount of videos, which also has led me to having the rest of the months content done which is pretty exciting, plus planning some upcoming projects I am excited about. :) So lets have a fun lil chat in todays Sweetpeas Picks!

First off to those of you who follow me on Instagram and messaged me about an account reposting a massive amount of my work, thank you! Thank you for letting me know, having my back, and watching out for me. I really do appreciate it because I'm not sure I would have found it otherwise. So thank you! I have taken the necessary steps to get it removed, so hopefully that will happen. I think its time to just use this as a reminder for anyone and everyone, when you are going to "repost" or "feature" others work, ask first. Also as an artist always keep the original sources, share behind the scenes of your work, and keep the originals, this will be proof of the content being yours. Also watermarking doesn't hurt. Sometimes people even go as far as editing those out but you will likely be able to tell when they do edit or crop it out, so its helpful I've found.

Ok enough of that for now! Lets have fun, and talk lighter subjects! :)

1. I am really enjoying the Striving Artist Podcast! I think it applies to anyone and everyone that does something creative, or even just posts things online!

2. On the topic of podcasts, I am also really liking the Here to Make Friends Podcast that talks about the latest Bachelor Episode! Cringey I know, but its SO fun to listen too!

3. I just love the Zoella website! Its the perfect mix of content, and the touches of creative bits, and ah, I just love it! Plus as a person who loves website layout/organization I LOVE it!

4. Ok, so you all know I love music, and you probably know I like 5 Seconds of Summer! They have recently released 2 new songs, announced a tour, announced a CD and I am actually going to be seeing them! Ekkk! I'm super excited! The tour actually has one of my other favorite bands opening, and for the first time they are actually in my city! Wooo, so excited.

5.  I have been posting so much more art on my Instagram lately, as well as adding it to my Procreate Portfolio!

6. These cookies sound so good! I might make them minus the nuts because, a. we don't have any and b. there is someone in our house who doesn't like them :( Sad, I know!

7. So I've started a new playlist making method! Before I kinda created playlists my months or seasons. Now I am sort of doing it by major shifts, or freshness, or phases. So lets say 5 new songs come out and totally change the type of music I am listening too! I will then start a new playlist. Some songs that may have been in the last one will reappear, and repeat, but it will keep the cycle fresh and exciting I think!

8. I finished the book No Judgements by Meg Cabot! I quite liked it! I loved the setting of it, I could picture a really cute little beach town which is ideal for me!


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