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25 Sweetpeas Coloring Page

Hello there and welcome back! Hope you week is off to a good start. I know we are all living in a weird time and most likely dealing with a lot of stress, to possibly extra time? So I wanted to share a free downloadable coloring page!

25 Sweetpeas
So this above floral may look familiar, its what I recently posted on Instagram, and over the weekend in a blog post. I even posted a IGTV on it. :) Its turned into a favorite of mine probably due to the fact I did it while listening to Wildflower on repeat, but anyway! Last night was talking to my friend and she mentioned how she would like to embroidery it, and I was think thinking, HOW cool, and YES! I offered to send her the line work to make it easy to trace and then today, I printed it out as a coloring page myself. 

Then I was just like, well lets just make this available for anyone! So below is a link to the download of the coloring page! Feel free to print and color it! Hope you like it! Also please see the * below!


* This is for Personal Use only. If you do share them on Instagram Stories please tag me, also please do not crop out my name in the graphic. If you would like to collaborate on an illustration project please enquire by sending an email to, for rates and details.

25 Sweetpeas Free Wildflower Coloring Page


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