Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 56

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello! Welcome to another Sweetpeas Picks! Writing this one from my phone because it seems more relaxed, chilled, and I’m slightly tired of spending a ton of time on the computer. Not that my phone isn’t one, but ya get what I mean! Ha! Oh well let’s chat!

1. The CD I have been looking forward too for a long time came out and it’s amazing! I am loving CALM by 5 Seconds of Summer! If you need new tunes to listen to I highly suggest it! It came out Friday, so Thursdays build up + midnight release made it fun. I’d had plans for this day since I found out it was releasing but those plans didn’t happen for obvious reasons, so I was a little worried about it. Usually with CD like this I like to have a fun day planned, so I kinda associate the two, because I associate all the things. Like for instance on their last album, it included a beach trip, best friend time, the smell of sunscreen ocean, then coming home to watching the promo interviews for it. Ahh, such a fun time! That being said this time was different. We can’t go out and do those things, they couldn’t go out and do those interviews. So I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. They however made it work! They did a live streaming of the album at midnight, so we all got to listen to it together via Instalive and Spotify, and hear about the songs. I drew while doing so and it ended up being a lot of fun. Then on Friday evening there was another live chat sort of thing via Twitch and it was all just fun and I did enjoy it. Different, absolutely but I think they made the best out of the whole situation! Wow, that was a lot! LOL

2. If you have/use Procreate they released a “Care Pack” and it includes a brush set, and I’m LOVING it! Highly suggest downloading it, it’s all free for those who have Procreate!

3. If you need a happy song to make you smile/dance go listen to Wildflower.

4. If you need a song that is just like SUPER relevant and makes you say yep, out loud go listen to Everything Is Fine.

5. Need a song to put things into prospective/look on the bright side? Listen to Upside Down. 

6. Have you ever just turned on all of the songs you have saved in Spotify and just let them plan in the order in which they were saved?! Such a cool thing, and interesting how you can just kinda tell when you saved them and what life was like at that time.

7. I was painting my nails Saturday night and did art on both hands which was odd for me, but I was also watching YT and listening to music and I realized I really do enjoy filming non nail , art videos! I posted a few on IGTV and that alone was weird, but I REALLY enjoyed making them! Plus I LOVE watching those back! If you want to watch some you can here, and here. One of those videos is the art that is this posts cover!

8. I feel like I could just keep talking about music forever but I should probably stop it until next week huh?! 

9. I made this cake but replaced the Coco with Carob since I don't eat Chocolate. So this was the first "chocolate cake" I've had in years and honestly it was really good. Tasted just like Chocolate cake honestly, except more moist which I thought was good!

10. I LOVE AmandaRachLees most recent Bujo set up, SO stinkin cute! 

11. This weekends Hallmark Movie, Just My Type, was good and cute by the way!

Ok, this is the most I have rambled on here in a bit so thank you for reading! Also I hope it provided you a little distraction! Hope you are staying safe and healthy! 

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