Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 52

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Hello there! Welcome back to another Sweetpeas Picks, gahhh I totally forgot how much I love these posts! They are so fun to write because they can literally be anything and thats honestly the best. So lets chat about fun things to distract us from all of the not fun things!

1. I'm not a music video gal, I will watch them sometimes, okay, often but only after I already have an impression of a song. Also I don't love explicit songs. Big shoutout to the artists that give clean versions too, much appreciated! Anyway, what I am trying to say is that, the lyric video for 5SOS Old Me is so neat, cute, and great!

2. I've recently become re-obsessed with China Glaze Werk It Honey. There are 2 yellow polishes in the world that I will wear by choice and really enjoy and this is one of them. :) I've been wearing it on BOTH hands this week and really enjoying it.

3. Not much great or happy has been going on lately so its been the little things. Like getting sit down to paint my nails at night and watch Youtube. Its been exceptionally great lately since two major artists I enjoy are preparing to release Albums! There have been lots of promo interviews and its been SO fun to watch. I love those sorts of things for some reason. ;)

4. Apparently I like songs with Steel Drums in them! LOL! It just sounds like you are at a cute beachy restaurant probably on the water. I've really been enjoying this song. Its called My Girl Rita by Riker & The Beachcombers.

5. Last night I made box mix cupcakes, and instead of just using butter for the butter, I browned the butter and it was great! Highly suggest it!

6. I painted in my Archer & Olive yesterday! I always get a bit intimidated to paint in it, because like what if I mess it all up! Ekkk, but it was really fun, and I'm actually really happy with the out come! I took a whole time lapse actually if you fancy watching it, its on my Instagram story! :) If its not there tho, I did save it in my Highlights under art! I love sharing those bits, mainly so I can pick out music to go with! LOL!

7.  I am going to have some free wallpaper downloads for you on Wednesday, and I am really excited about it! :) I am also branching out video content wise, and am super pumped about it. Like I really enjoyed it, I'm just not sure how it will be received ya know? Its different.

8. I feel like so much of what I have been working on lately is stuff that I have set release dates for and I haven't been able to share it so Its weird, but also nice to be a bit ahead. I tell ya batch working, to do lists, and my computer calendar are great!

Well guys, I think thats it for today! I am off to tick off a lot from my to do list and try to not think too much! Lately I've found myself overthinking and I'm trying to work on that.


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