Earth Day 2020

Hello there and welcome back! Today is Earth Day, and wow is it not what I expected. If you are an avid 25 Sweetpeas reader you probably know I always have Earth Day be a big event over here. Its usually spoken about for way more than one day, we talk about important issues, and I share a ton of information about the ocean, because its something I am personally very passionate about and care about immensely. Yet here we are, its Earth Day and its the first time I've mentioned it on here. The truth is since the start of the year I'd been planning my Earth Day event, and I had been really excited about it. It was getting going, and I had a great group joining me, but then everything changed so quickly. With a global Pandemic ongoing it seemed a bit wrong to add more anxiety inducing material to the internet, because Earth Day usually brings up topics that are really important and worrying so I have decided the normal even will be happening later on this year. The date is still TBA, but I am going to try my best to still get it out there. So this year we are going to take today to just appreciate our environment.

As we are all having to stay home I feel its pretty safe to day that the outdoor surrounding has played a bit part in all of this. From the sunny days letting you go out on a short little walk, to the rain days making you feel comfy and cozy at home. Also so many things are blooming and making the outdoors lovely for us to enjoy from our windows! Its kind of amazing how helpful the weather has been in this time isn't it!? So today I have a few guests joining me to share a Environment inspired mani, and a little bit about what they have been loving/appreciating in their surrounding environments.

Juliet Miller

What do I love about the environment? 

I love the life it creates. How it went from nothing to a lush and beautiful planet. How the environment creates something from nothing. Some of my favorite memories take place with aunt and siblings when we’d visit various national parks and “appreciate nature damn it”. Granted… I was at the age where I had to hate everything so all those years of road trips in her truck were wasted on me. 

Unsurprisingly my love for the outdoors started when it was encouraged that we all remain indoors. Fortunately though I had started to pick up botany so while everyone was hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer I was buying plants. Because if I can’t go outside then I’ll try my hardest to bring the outside into my home office/nail room. Sadly though no matter how much I want to, I can’t own “all the plants” so I settled on the next big thing: virtual plants.

Is it the same as going outside and appreciating nature? No, but it’s a close second. Hopefully though once this is all over we can all go outside and appreciate nature and all it has to offer. Damn it. 

Bio : Commonly found in Ontario, Canada this nail artist poorly divides her time between nail art, botany, and gaming.


Hey beauties, for the “Things we Appreciate in the Environment” I decided to go with a sunny day. During the difficult days we are living, being able to sit and enjoy a sunny day has become my stress reliever and more if I am painting my nails. To be living in a house with a garden and a yard seems like a luxury now for which I am very thankful, because I know is not the case for lots of people. Also, it has been really good to be able to hear the birds singing now that there are not many cars on the streets. For the design, I wanted to represent all that, so I made a sunny landscape. Hope you like it. Be safe!!


I am so so appreciative of the sunny days and being able to watch a few plants I am growing start to sprout. This is the time of year where my weekly Beach trips are in full swing, but this year thats just not the case. I cannot wait for that to be an ok activity again because its truly my happy Place. However lately I have been loving the nice weather, the sound of the rain for a nice drawing session, and watching our honorary backyard squirrel! I've named the lil guy Santino! :)

Well thats it for today! Keeping it short and sweet! I hope you will take some time today to think about how much you appreciate your environment, and think about what you can do in the future to keep the environment strong and healthy.


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