Moon Shine Mani Comeback April 2020

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Moon Shine Mani Dark Iron Destiny 2.0

Moon Shine Mani is adding on to her Comeback series with a new version of Dark Iron Destiny which originally was a Looking For Group Add On. So lets check out the 2.0!

Moon Shine Mani Dark Iron Destiny 2.0

Dark Iron Design 2.0
2 coats

a gray cream with red to gold shifting shimmer, red/bronze/gold multichrome flakies and red holo micro shreds.

Moon Shine Mani Dark Iron Destiny 2.0

This polish is releasing on April 24th, and it will be sticking about in the Moon Shine Mani Shop! This covered really nicely and is such a neat combo of base + flakies, and shimmer. Its just really neat! I like it a lot. Excellent formula, and all around a very good polish! It will be $12 once it is in the shop, and I think that covers all of the info y'all need! If you have any questions, let me know! :)


  1. How does the flakie density compare to the original? Also, in your swatch photos, this 2.0 version looks a little darker than the original, but for other swatchers who have done both, the 2.0 formula looks a little lighter? How do they compare in person?

    1. I found my blog post with it originally here... The new version is a tad darker and looking at the photos side by side I think the new ones flakies are more vibrant and possibly have more orange in the as a color that catches in the light. :) . In person I personally like the newer version better, it has more going on, and the flakies are more vibrant if that makes sense! :)


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