Introducing The Happy Nail Art Series | 2020

Hello there and welcome back! Today I am super excited to introduce a new series that I will be doing on my Youtube channel as well as everywhere else. I have named the series, The Happy Nail Art Series, because I think we all need a lil extra happy right now! So lets chat about the series and I'll share how you can join and share some freebies to help you get started!

Why The Happy Nail Art Series/ What Inspired It?

I started this series as a way to do nail art with no real purpose. Sound weird, I know. :) However I feel like I am always doing nail art for a holiday, or for a collection but instead I wanted a reason to play with whatever colors I wanted, and just create. I have been finding myself wanting to revert back to super detailed art but I know that literally hurts my hands and its not super fun anymore. So I wanted a fun way to do simple nail art that made me happy. Lately, or shall I say like normal, I've been inspired by music. One of my favorite bands released a CD recently called Wake Up Sunshine, and the graphics for it have been amazing, and oh so fun! Plus the use of color was just sparking something for me. Also during a live I watched for the 5SOS Calm release I ended up drawing and ended up loving the piece I did, the colors where so happy so I grabbed them all in nail polish form and got busy. Which in turn lead me to The Happy Nail Art Series. I was going to do a music series and I started to make a mood board for each album and then somehow I ended up with boxes, and nail design sketches. Pictured Below

From there I just kept going! I started to paint the different nail designs, because they all just made me smile, and made me happy. From the color to the designs I was just excited. So I thought, lets make this a thing. Lets all just make happy nails!

How Do I Participate?

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to this lil series if you want to join. Just make nails that make YOU happy and smile when you look down at your nails! :) However if you are in a bit of a rut like I had been I do have some tips to get you started and a few free printables, plus tutorials if you want to join with the same designs I am doing! :)

First I found it helpful to find an inspiration. Maybe this means taking a scroll though Pinterest, watching some Youtube Videos, having fun on Instagram, or something as simple as listening to music. Think about what art you have been into, is it simple, is it seasonal, prints, patterns, or something else more specific. For me its the thought of summer, and bright colors, palm trees, and maybe a touch of a festival season vibe.

Then think of what colors you gravitate towards for, or that make you smile. Create a little color palette of colors to work with! I have found picking 4 colors when it comes to a mani, works great. You can utilize all of the colors in one mani of highlight a few in a designs and have the others be accents.

Now sketch some ideas! I hadn't done this for nails in a LONG time but it was SOOO helpful for me. It allowed me to put a whole bunch of ideas together. Then I also got to play around with color combos with the sketches as you can see in the above photo!

Lastly its then time for you to go bring those designs to life on your nails! Which is probably my fave part because its when it all comes fun circle, and its quite cool! :)

So to help you get started I have created a printable to help you! Below is a preview!

As you can see this printable has a space for you to create a color palette, as well as 9 boxes for you to sketch ideas in. I left the boxes empty so you can use them however you want. I liked sketching our my nail shape, and then using that for the design, but having it empty lets you sketch out your own nail shape, or skip that part! So hopefully this can help you get some ideas going and then you can bring them to life on your nails!

I have also made a version with the designs I doodle in the boxes in case you want to plan out your own color schemes with the manis I have been sharing on Youtube, and follow along! :)

Happy Nail Art Preview 25 Sweetpeas

Feel free to print these as many times as you want and just have FUN! If you share on social media tag me @25Sweetpeas so I can see and use #HappyNailArtSeries . :) I am going to be making some Instagram Stories Templates for this too just so we can al have fun everywhere! The download button will take you to the printables I mentioned, plus I may pop in some extras as well! :)

If you have any questions let me know! I am super excited to see some of you join along or at least have some fun playing with colors and designs! I will be uploading new videos daily this next week with new tutorials, so be sure to be following along on Youtube! :)

25 Sweetpeas


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