Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 58

Sweetpeas Picks

Happy Easter and welcome to a late Sweetpeas Picks post! I honestly debated on not even doing a Sweetpeas Picks this weekend because I have been working on a new YT series ALL weekend, but ya know what? This is literally one of my favorite posts to write so going on with it!

1. Hope you have all had a nice Easter, even though I am sure it was a very different one compared to years past. Also I hope you are not only home and healthy, but hopefully safe as well. I was just on Twitter and seeing more Tornado damage photos from the squall line going through the south and its so heart breaking. I just hope it dies down and just turns to rain, and we are expecting it to be in our area within the next 48 hours I believe and while I do not want tornadoes, or lightning, I would love some rain, because we are majorly lacking in that in my area.

2. Wow, have you taken a step back and looked at 2020 from a world point of view? Major fires, Earthquakes, Volcanos, Tornado Outbreaks, a world wide Pandemic, the prediction of a heightened Hurricane season. Gosh, things are a mess. Not to be a downer, by any means, but wow. Plus I am sure we are all going through a lot of major life changes, so its all just a lot. Just please take some time for yourself, find little things to bring up your spirits! Don't feel guilty for taking a break, and doing something that will help your mental health. We all need to do it, and find what works, because we are all going through a lot.

3. Ok, lets bring some happy in here! LOL! Numerous times this week when I got on to Twitter, One Direction was trending, and while I wasn't even like a huge 1D fangirl, I did like a fair share of their music, especially the Made in the AM CD, but the idea of them getting together for a lil reunion this year is pretty exciting. We need something exciting and good in the news so I'll take it!

4. I have started watching this new YT Live show called Beyond the Front Row, and its by Erik Zachary, and I've really been enjoying it. Its a show basically about the music world, and things going on in it plus music stories. Its been fun because the host seems to listen to a lot of the same bands that I do!

5. Have you been keeping up on the Billboard, 5 Seconds of Summer story? There is much more to it than what that article covers, but WOW. So not right, and unfair, and the more details I am hearing, it sounds like it goes much deeper. I hope they get it sorted out, and I know they know the album was Number 1 beyond what Billboard said, because had they included the 11,000 they decided to not count they would have in fact had the #1 position. Also side note, I got one of the CD's that was "sent out early" yet didn't get it until half a week after it released even though it shipped a week before the release. Also, they came majorly damaged, however I am thankful it was the correct CD! Others are just not getting their CD's yet getting the wrong CD! Its just a mess.

6. So I have consistently been painting my right hand with an abstract nail art design for the past few weeks, and I am loving it! I just did this weeks and its pink and yellow!

7. Ya'll despite he flack I have given Instagram, and I still do miss it pre-algorithm, I have really been enjoying it! I've been enjoying all of the lives, and the chatting I have been able to do with friends. So much fun!

8. I've been having a really hard time not working. Any tips? I get to a point where I know I need to take a screen break, and traditionally I would get to do so by going to a coffee shop, having a lil beach time, running errands, or something to that extent, but now those aren't options. So I'm just home and feel like I should just keep working. So while I have been super productive and LOVE being so, I feel like I still need a screen break ya know? Granted all of the things I love to to do usually involve a screen, but ugh its just tricky. Even this past week I took a day break, and just had no inspiration. So I decided to set up our Nintendo 64, and it was fun but I felt like I was wasting time. However the next day I did have a super productive and fun time, so I guess it balanced out, but still! Its weird, and kinda hard.

9. A blog post about a new series I am going to do just launched! Eppp! Super excited! I need to make some Instagram graphics for it in the morning so I can share info over there, but if you want to check it all out now, you can HERE!

Well y'all I better call this a wrap, sorry this post wasn't super exciting or happy, but hopefully you've enjoyed it in some way. I feel like I've been creating and talking all day from writing up the details in the post I mentioned in 9. and from editing a big load of videos. So I am off to finish my latte, yes a latte at midnight, and then hopefully some puppy cuddles, and a Hallmark movie! :)

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