My Stunning Nail Polish Pickup | May 2020

press sample
My Stunning Nails Chocolate Cherries

Hello there and welcome back! Today I have a swatch of the new My Stunning Nails, polish for the May Polish Pickup which is approaching quickly! So lets go check out the details!

My Stunning Nails Chocolate Cherries

Cherry Chocolates
2 coats

A copper-brown pigment with metallic red flakies, "diamond" glitter and red sparks

Price : $12
US Cap : 100
UK Cap : 15

My Stunning Nails Chocolate Cherries

This is a neat color and does in fact remind me of the inspiration. Covers really nicely in 2 coats and applies well! The only thing I don't love is that the polish is a bit textured. Now a big deal if you like a slightly textured finish even with top coat, but it you like a 100% smooth finish you would have to do an excessive amount of top coats I think. So just up to personal preference, and if the shade it worth it do you?! 

The May Polish Pickup is May 1st - 4th.


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