Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 60

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Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there! How are you? Gahhh, I feel so bad I missed a few weekends of writing. One weekend I was just royally unmotivated, and then last weekend just went by really quick and I just completely ran out of time. Ended up just deciding to wait because I was on a roll with what I was working on. So now this has been in drafts for a while. Anywhooo its time for Sweetpeas Picks begin, lets go!

1. Jessica from How Sweet Eats Started a book club! I don't really read enough because I'm SUPER picky but the first book she is going kinda sounds good!

2. I want a cold brew so bad! LOL, but I just put it in the fridge a few hours ago so I still need to wait till at least tomorrow morning. Ekkk.

3. I've just blogged about a new Stella Chroma Nail Polish this week called, Desert Turquoise, and I love it! Like I think I may redo my toes before I normally would just to wear it! Hehe! *A few weeks ago now since this has been sitting in drafts.*

4. My mom has started a garden and I have started some strawberries in it. I planted them in early April from seed and they are taking their time. However this week they've really grown! Kinda super excited about them. I wanted to get an already started strawberry plant, but we've not found one anywhere.

5. Something exciting is happening really soon for 25 Sweetpeas as a brand. :) I am so so excited, its been time consuming, but steps are being taken, I am waiting for something and epppp, I'm just super excited! :) I should be sharing more info very soon, and will explain more then. This is just phase one of something. ;)

6. I really like Stephen Puth's latest song, its so good!

7. So I always see artists and creatives I admire talk about the book, Steal Like an Artist. First off with that title it kinda made me go, huh?! Stealing is bad. However I found out our digital library had it so I borrowed it this week and read it in like 2 sittings. While I don't think its a book I need to own, I feel like its a beneficial read. Also its not just for artists, its for anyone. It's really just a motivational book and kinda just goes through things you probably think when you have any sort of idea.  I did link it in case you want to go read what its about, but like I said, I personally don't see it as a book I need to own, granted it might be nice to reread from time to time to get you out of your head but still.

8. I made my first ever yeasted bread this month! For Mothers Day dessert I made Kolaches for the first time and they came out! I was so happy about that, and I think they tasted really good. ( Pictured up top)

9. I am working on a new art series and honestly I think its my all time favorite art that I have done. I know it seems as if I say that with anything newer which makes sense but really though, this collection is so me. I feel like maybe I have finally found how to mix all of my likes together, and make the art truly me. I am loving the colors, the sort of theme, or should I say lifestyle, and its just so fun. I've also been drawing things that intimidate me, like a LOT. Its been fun, and I think this color scheme and overall feeling to the art will be around for a bit which makes me so excited!! :)

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