Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 61


Hello and welcome back to a Sweetpeas picks. This one is a hard one to sit down and write. These past week, I think for everyone, has been just so crazy, heart breaking, and just a lot. I hope we can all take the things happening at the moment and learn, use this time to educate ourselves, acknowledge it, and find ways to help in your own way, and to listen to those around us and help share the correct info.

Also please remain informed of all things going on, so much is going on in the news that some things are being put in the back yet are still very important to know about. So now more than ever we need to do what we can to stay informed as well as use our voices and platforms for good.

I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you.

1.  Ways to Help with what is happening.

2.  A song to listen to right now is, One of Us by New Politics . " Everybody's skin is different, not their bones, Even when your'e lonely, know you're not along, You're one of us, one of us, one of us"

3. This is a really interesting read, I think everyone can benefit from reading it. Its basically a comic about how we think, and how to sort of comprehend everything going on at the moment.

4. Love this piece by Happy Al, featuring a quote by Elie Wiesel.

5. Also on the Covid  realm of the on going happenings in the world, this piece is great. It was posted a few weeks ago, and we have already surpassed the 100,000 mark sadly just within the USA.

6.  Check out Oh Happy Dani on Instagram. She's been sharing a lot of helpful things!

7. If you have been wondering exactly what people want legally changed with what's going on I found a site thats helpful in seeing those things, plus it allows you to check on your city to see where yours stands. Its Called 8Can'tWait.

8. This video does a great job explaining Systemic Racism I think, I've seen it shared on Instagram a ton, but if you have yet to see it, check it out!

I hope you are all having a safe weekend, and are keeping up with your mental healthy, physical health are are still abiding by the CDC guidelines. I know masks aren't fun, I know and realize how inconvenient things are right now. Its for the best though, you are protecting others, yourself, and all of your loved ones. Someday, we will hopefully be able to enjoy Target runs and all of the little things we may of taken for granted, but right now we have bigger issues, that must be addressed.


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