Trying Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

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Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

Hello there! How are you? Hope you have been having a nice and safe weekend. 

Today on my Youtube channel I am trying loose flakies! Now in the past I've not been a huge fan of loose pigment and special effect manis. However I think my stance on that has changed with this experience!

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies
Today I've tried out Whats Up Nails, Aurora Supreme Flakies and wow! I am obsessed. They are loose flakies that have and overall warm tone to them. :) 

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

They come in this little containers! Here is the description form the Whats Up Nails site...

These fabulous flakies are the perfect addition to create your unicorn manicure of blue, pink, and purple!

Weight: 0.3 gram

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

As you will see over the course of these photos, a lot of colors show up in these flakies.

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

These photos are what I would consider what the flakies look like in studio light! So SO pretty! I applied two coats of Heroine NYC, then I applied a thin layer of top coat to one nail at a time. After I was done with each nail I used a little silicon nail pen, to dab on some of the flakies. You could use a brush or even a finger to do this! Really anything will work, your main concern is getting into onto the wet nail.

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

After you have done that on all of your nails, its time for you to make sure they are 100% dry and then I would suggest lightly brushing any excess nonattached flakies off. I used a fan brush lightly over my nails! If you have flakies staying on your skin, its not a big deal! It will wash off later! Because now your next step is putting on top coat to seal in your flakies. :) Now later once they are 100% dry you can rinse off your hands and any flakies/sparkles that are left on your skin will wash right off! :)

Its a super easy mani, and way easier than I thought it would be actually! I'm LOVING the final look too, So much that I actually did it on both hands, which is rare to happen when it means I have to do something other than a plain polish because I'm not ambidextrous, so my other hand can take so long too do it if its something other than polish out of a bottle, but this was so easy! Also I was really happy/surprised that this whole mani wasn't too messy. As you can see in todays Youtube Video there wasn't a major mess, which was super nice!

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

The neat thing about this mani is that it looks so different in all types of lighting! For the very first photo, it was direct sunlight, then you had studio lights, now here you have indirect sunlight with a shadow. Then below this is just in a sunny room with no direct light. So many different looks and I am just LOVING it, and moving my nails around has been super fun. As I type this I'm in a pretty dark room only working by the light of twinkle lights and even now my nails look really neat!

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

And below is another direct light photo because I just can't help myself, I am obsessed with this mani and all of the shifts. Also I am loving these warm tone flakies with Heroine NYC Peach Please! The perfect summer combo in my opinion.

Whats Up Nails Aurora Supreme Flakies

Overall I am obsessed with these flakies! I feel like they give and insanely neat mani, and it was so easy! Thanks so much to Whats Up Nails for send this over for me to try and show you! I am really impressed and now feel like I am going to want to try them on ever polish imaginable! As for removal of this mani I have actually yet to take it off but I don't foresee it being an issue. I cleaned off the tool I used to apply the flakies with, and it was no problem. The flakes just disintegrated so it was super easy! :) 

If you want to check these flakies out you may here. :)



  1. You definitely get the best effects with nail powders using a gel top coat (second picture) but it can also be done with regular polish and a water based top coat (first picture). This silver chrome is one of the best that I have used and whilst some may think that you don't get a lot of product, because you use so little, it definitely goes a very long way. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants that reflective silver chrome finish.


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