Must Have : Sanitizer

press sample
Orly Sanitizer

Hello there! Hope you are all having a nice Sunday! I wanted to quickly pop in and share a product I've been using often. Well not often, because I don't go out much anymore, but when I do this is in my pocket, and I'm using it often!

Orly has released Little Spray Sanitizers perfect for your pocket, and or your bag. :) I know in my area its still kind of hard to find sanitizers consistently in stores, so this has been great to have on hand! 

Its a spray one too, which I have found to really like. Its quick and easy to put on, and I feel like you use just the right amount, where I was finding I sometimes squirted out too much from my bottle, and when that kind is hard to find you hate to waste! So you may want to check our Orly!


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