Trying Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

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Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

Hello! Today I thought it would be fun to get on her and chat about some new brushes I have been playing with and recently featured in a few Youtube Videos as well actually. So Whats Up Nails recently sent over 3 of their Dance Brushes, and I've been playing with them alot and I've you have ready my blog post about the Moroccan Tile Inspired nails then you would know I am obsess with them!  So lets take a look!

Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

So here are the 3 that I have been experimenting with. I will say lately I am favoring Dance 24 because its the smallest and allows you to get all of the details in! :)

If you watch this video on Youtube I will actually show you the full brush and you can see how they are actually smaller than average, yet when you take the lid/cap off and then put it on the end it becomes a full size brush! Brilliant! Makes it great for storage too! :) The brushes themselves are amazing. the are smooth and easy to control plus seem to have no wild hairs. Yay! They have a really nice weight to them too, and are kinda chunky compared to wooden paint brushes when it comes to how you grip on to the brush. I personally love a chunkier/weighter brush so this is perfect for me. Also with carpel tunnel it makes its much better.

I feel like I have so much control over the brush and where it is going, its really interesting how it does feel different from a lot of others, especially wood based ones. Overall I am a really big fan! Below I have bigger solo photos of the brushes if you want to see a closer up look. Also I will link them below the photo.

Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

Whats Up Nails Dance Brushes

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  1. Nice to know these work well! Having good tools is so important.


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