Remember When Colourpop Released Nail Polish

Remember When Colourpop Released Nail Polish

Hello there and welcome back! Today I have a lil bit of an odd post for you! Like I highly debated on even posting it because well it features nail polish you can no longer get and I don't like doing that incase you like the polish, but also I saw an opportunity in this! So the other day I was thinking about nail polish, brands, formulas, prices and just all the things, and I came to an interesting conclusion. 

I feel like we are missing a majorly good creme company that is also affordable. All of this made me think of Colorpop and how in 2017 they released nail polish one time and they were good, and affordable, and cremes. I looked back on my old post about they and they were $6 normally, and I got them on sale for $3 in the few months they existed on Colourpops site!

Remember When Colourpop Released Nail Polish

So for some odd reason I decided to dig out the polishes, and wear all of the cremes! So I wore them as a fun lil skittlette mani on both hands over the weekend, it was a fun mani to wear! : ) Does it look like spring? Yep, but hey I am all for pastels any time of the year.

Remember When Colourpop Released Nail Polish

All in all I guess I wanted to go ahead and share this with your in hopes that maybe we could all chat and hope together that maybe some day they will bring back polish! :) Could you imagine how fun their collections would be?! Ahhh, they are so good at the collections the release makeup wise, the Polish collections would be so fun!

25 Sweetpeas


  1. Those do look nice. I feel like I have a lifetime supply of cremes at this point, so try not to buy too many more, but then Sally Hansen or Sinful Colors comes out with a collection and my resolve disappears. :D


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