Super Simple Sharpie Nail Art


Super Simple Sharpie Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I am super excited to finally be sharing my Sharpie Nails with you! I shared them on Youtube and Instagram Reels a few weeks ago and OH my! SO much fun. The video the nails, playing with Reels it was the most fun I'd had on social media in quite some time. Sounds silly I know but... I am really liking Reels.

I know, I can't believe I said it! I actually really like something new on Instagram. I feel like this is such a rare thing, but Reels just feels a lil nostalgic in the world of social media. I know, *insert eye roll* but hear me out. When I first started Instagram it was just photos. Square photos at that. Then slowly we got 15 second videos that we could use music in and OH my! I loved that SO much. I had so much fun creating videos and putting them to music picking the music, and it was like my 2 fave things coming together. I know, it sounds a lil extreme but I loved it. However over time, video time was allowed to be longer, and that meant no more fun music. Which is they why making IG videos wasn't as fun. However now we are allowed to use music again and its SO fun. Plus people get so creative, and I love art Reels so I'm just really enjoying it honestly. I know there was/is TikTok but due to various reasons blah blah I haven't used it! :) 

Super Simple Sharpie Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Anywayyyy, on to the nails! They are SOOO fun and insanely easy, and you can watch it all right below on Youtube for a full on step by step tutorial.

However if you want to see it all come together REELy fast, check it on my IG!

Super Simple Sharpie Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

For this mani I used what I call a nail perfector, which is just a sheer polish that I like for negative space looks, and or just to perfect the nail bed color. Then I used 2 sharpies an older brush, 91% Rubbing Alcohol and top coat. Its a SUPER easy look and really fun

Super Simple Sharpie Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

It also looks neat in all sorts of lighting. :)  So what do you think? Would you try the mani? 

25 Sweetpeas


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