September 2020 | Polish Pickup Round Up

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September 2020 Creative Board - 25 Sweetpeas

New month, new board! I had so much fun designing one last month that this month I did it again just for things happening within September, and reflecting on the times we are all living in! Also peep a new product! ;) Today on here we are going to quickly go over all of the September Polish Pickup polishes that I posted/reviewed over on my Youtube Channel! 3 fabulous brands, with some great items becoming available this upcoming weekend!

Septembers Polish Pickup theme is All Hallows Eve and it will be taking place on the 4th through the 7th!

Painted Phalanges A Virgin Lit The Candle - 25 Sweetpeas

A Virgin Lit the Candle $11 / no cap A Virgin Lit the Candle is a black Jelly polish with full of shifty red/orange/yellow/gold/ green microflakies, blue, purple, and lime/gold microflakies, and platinum microflakies.

Painted Phalanges A Virgin Lit The Candle - 25 Sweetpeas

How fun is this black! Like its all dark and spooky for a Halloween vibe, but also colorful with the glittery bits! This polish has a great formula, and covered perfectly in 2 coats. It may be a lil textured so you may want to double up on your topper, or use a glitter smoother with it! :) I used my Painted Phalanges one!

Moon Shine Mani Death Becomes Her - 25 Sweetpeas

Death Becomes Her - is a blood red jelly packed with flakies and glitters shifting red/orange/yellow/green. It is inspired by the film Death Becomes Her and I've attached my inspiration image. It will be $12 and there will be no cap.

Moon Shine Mani Death Becomes Her - 25 Sweetpeas

This is going to be a great polish for fall likers I do believe. It has that warm glowy feel to it, and the flakies have a lot of depth!

Stella Chroma Oz-some - 25 Sweetpeas

Oz-Some - Inspired by one of the great villains, The Wicked Witch of The West, and her desire for those ding dang ruby slippers. A base of bright neon green is perfect for Halloween month. Accented by silver holo flakies with crimson/yellow shifting UCC flakies as a nod to the slippers. $13 for a 15 mL bottle with no cap. Where My Ghouls At? Emulsified Sugar Scrub - We are bringing the fall with this scrub scent! Warm and comforting like spiced apple cider that you get at an apple orchard. Or sip at a bonfire. While eating a s'more. Mmmm! $6.50 for a 2.5 oz jar with no cap.

Stella Chroma Oz-some - 25 Sweetpeas

Ahhh, I love the flakies in this, they really show a rainbow of colors. The polish is excellent as well! 

All of these will be available this weekend on the Polish Pickup website! Shopping link is below, I do believe the wish list option is now open! :)


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