The Perfect Skittle Mani for the Summer Lover in Fall

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Fall Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

I am a summer girl through and through. The only other season that is kind of ok would be Spring because it means its almost summer. So transitioning into fall is always meh in my mind. In the past I've let it get the best of me, I cave and just do traditional fall things for my nails, but not this year! This year, I am making my own fall color palette that fits things I like but can also look good with fall decor especially since I've been creating more art for decor lately. SO that has also come into my nail world.

Today I have this fun skittle mani that is super easy and utilizes a warm color palette that looks fall-ish but also summery. :) I'm quite pleased with it!

Fall Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas

For this mani I have a new Youtube video up and and its SO easy to do! If you want, you may go watch the video here

Polish wise I used 3 polishes from the Eternal Cosmetics Candy Pastels set and those are; Unique, Pistachio, and Flamingo. The white details were done with acrylic paint and the Whats Up Nails 24 DANCE brush. The Rose Gold polish is Defy & Inspire Do More, but sadly I can't find a link to it on the Target site, but you may be able to find in stores!

Fall Nail Art - 25 Sweetpeas


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