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Easy Abstract Nail Art

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I have a super easy mani, which is also my favorite kind that is SO customizable to show you. So ya'll know I love a good abstract mani. There is just something so nice about doing them, and they can easily be done on both hands which is always nice. So recently I was playing with a fall version of my color palette that I use in art and I was loving this color combo of an orange, a magenta leaning a bit purple-y and a dusty minty shade. Which lead to me finding a way to wear them together in an abstract mani.

So I ended up creating this super easy mani that also utilizes some white and a metal of your choice. Which I went with a rose gold to feel the warm color tone going.

Easy Abstract Nail Art

If you want to see exactly how I did this mani I did create a video which can be seen here. However its super simple. Start with a base coat, then white polish. Then grab 3 colors you like and just put a stroke of each next to each other without too much paint on the brush. Also let them overlap. Depending on the opacity of the polish you might get some neat color mixing. Then After that is dry just dot 3 dots of a metallic polish across your nails. I did it in the middle but really anything goes! :) 

Easy Abstract Nail Art

Polish wise I used 3 polishes from the Eternal Cosmetics Candy Pastels set and those are; Unique, Pistachio, and Flamingo. The white details were done with acrylic paint and the Whats Up Nails 24 DANCE brush. The Rose Gold polish is Defy & Inspire Do More, but sadly I can't find a link to it on the Target site, but you may be able to find in stores!

Really an easy mani and SO easy to go in various color combos which I love the idea of. So whatcha think? Is this something you would try!?

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