25 Sweetpeas Amazon Picks

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25 Sweetpeas Amazon Picks

Hello! Welcome back, hope y'all are having a nice week! So today I thought since Holiday sales are starting and with this Holiday season being so different I would start the sharing of some shopping guides. This week I know Amazon and Target are trying to do some great sales, and while I don't know exactly what will be on sale I thought I would cover Amazon today, and what I like on Amazon!  Hope it can help in some shape way or form! Also in case you ever want to know something I have used or liked via Amazon I do have a storefront where I organize things HERE! :) Now, on to my fave picks!

25 Sweetpeas Amazon Picks

1. Tree Hut Sugar Scrub | I love a good sugar scrub any day and this is my favorite Tree Hut one!

2. Dotting Tools | One of my most used nail tools!

3. Apple Pencil Grips | Ahh these are SO helpful!

4. Sun Bum Coconut Chapstick | This is an essential, I even keep one in my pencil case!

5. Face Mask Wands | SO helpful when applying a facemark!

6. Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat | a great affordable Matte top coat!

7. Eternal Nail Polish Candy Pastels | Such an affordable set of polishes that I also REALLY liked! 

8. Freeman Beauty Avocado Face Mask | My go too face mask!

9.  Favorite Nail Polish Clean Up Tool | LOVE this! So much better than a brush!

10. Whats Up Nails Dance 24 Brush | My GO to nail art brush!

11. Maybelline Super Stay in Lover | My fave last all day liquid lip that doesn't transfer. I don't wear lipstick much these days but when I do I really don't want it to transfer to my water bottle I use daily so this is perfect!

12. Tinted Sun Bum Chapstick | Perfect for when you want a lil color but really need hydration! I have 2 colors and love them!


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