Launching a Polish with Kinx Active!

25 Sweetpeas Polish Release with Kinx Active

Hi everyone! Welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I have some exciting news to share! So over the weekend I shared the announcement on Youtube but now its time for all of he details here. On October 9th at 6pm EST, I will be releasing a nail polish with Kinx Active Polish! 

Ahhh, I am SO excited. This has been an on going project for many months now and its finally time to share it with you! The polish that I have created with them is called "Sunrise on A1A" and its the perfect coral shade. It will be available for $12, but thats not all! I've also been able to create a bundle that will include my polish + one they already have existing that I love, with a top coat, and a great lil mesh Cosmetics bag! The bundle will be $25 and all of this is releasing this Friday at 6pm EST! I'm so excited!! Here is a video explaining it all!

Exciting right?! Well, at least I am excited! Through this week I'll be sharing a lot of more content on Youtube that will cover the inspiration, live swatching, and more but here I just sort of wanted to chat about it all!

So if you have not heard of Kinx Active before, they are a company that makes a handful of beauty products, but my fave is their Nail Polishes! They are great! Their polishes peel off polishes, that give you a super nice gel like finish within less than 5 minutes! Its honestly amazing. They don't damage your nails which is great. They wear really well. Plus they dry so fast, its so nice to have a lovely manicure even when you don't have a ton of time! I've now been wearing their polish on a regular basis for about 5 months, and I personally love it! No base coat needed, dries SO fast, and removal is so easy I just love it! 

Needless to say I am super excited! So lets talk about my custom polish first! My Polish is called... Sunrise on A1A.

25 Sweetpeas Sunrise on A1A Kinx Active Polish

Sunrise on A1A is the perfect bold coral nail polish in my opinion! Its whats been missing from my collection. I love this color for so many reasons, Its been apart of my 25 Sweetpeas Branding for quiet a time, its in my studio decor, and I love it out in the wild. Be it the sunrise, the sunset, in a Flamingos feathers, living coral in the ocean, the color of a starfish, and or a fruity drink, I just love it. To me it has a tropical feel and you all know I am about everything tropical so it just made sense for this color to be what I release, and create to my exact shade! :)

Now as in true 25 Sweetpeas fashion, I have a mood board for the polish! Check it out below. 

25 Sweetpeas Sunrise on A1A Kinx Active Polish

The board is a mix of my own photos, and stock photos from Unsplash! My photo is a lil board walk photo that is just off of A1A that takes you to the beach, then the lil street photo is also right there! :) The rest are others I drew inspiration from. Buildings in Florida, Flamingos, sunrise images, and just the tropical lifestyle!

25 Sweetpeas Sunrise on A1A Kinx Active Polish

This polish covers perfectly in 2 coats, and dries with a shiny finish with or without top coat! I love it and will have a swatch video up this week. Now lets check out the other polish that will be in the set if you decide to buy the set!

25 Sweetpeas Sunrise on A1A Kinx Active Polish

So if you decide to buy the set that will be available with the release of Sunrise on A1A you will be getting this polish as well along with a top coat! This is So Fresh So Clean, the perfect minty shade! It too has a wonderful formula, and wears well on me!

25 Sweetpeas Sunrise on A1A Kinx Active Polish

25 Sweetpeas with Kinx Active

Ok, I think that is officially all of the info I wanted to cover! If I think of something I will pop back in! In the mean time be sure to follow me on all of the my social platforms, as I'm sharing updates and behind the scenes from time to time! :) I am SO excited about this launch and I hope you are too. Remember, everything is releasing on Friday, October 9th at 6pm EST! I'll leave a shop link below! :) 

25 Sweetpeas


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