Brush Gradation Nails Featuring Eternal Nail Polish

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Gradation Nail Art

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I am sharing a mani I did, well like over a month ago now that I think about it! I used some polishes from Eternal Nail Polish, which I will have to say are pretty great, and are also really affordable! 

Gradation Nail Art

For the gradation I used Flamingo, and Unique. All you do is apply one to half of the nail, and the other to the other half, all while they are wet. They touch and start to get a lil bit of a gradation, and its such a nice look. Plus SO easy.

Gradation Nail Art

I then used a Rose Gold from Defy & Inspire Called Do More for a lil mix of dots coming down from the cuticle line! I used about 2 different sizes of dots. 

Gradation Nail Art

The two Eternal Cosmetics Nail polishes are from the Candy Pastels set which you can find here. You can also get them on Amazon some times, right now though they appear to be sold out there.

Well that is it for this lil post! Hope you have a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed this mani!

25 Sweetpeas


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