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Support Small 25 Sweetpeas

Hi! Hey! Welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Today I thought it was time sit down and have a chat with y'all! We are currently approaching/in one of the earliest Holiday Shopping seasons ever, while also being in quite the crazy year. This holiday season is going to be different and I feel like I could talk on that forever but today I wanted to talk about how to support small this season. 

This year we have seen a lot. A lot of which is going to change how we shop this Holiday season. Most likely if you are able to you, will shop early and online. Which means we need to do so strategically. I'm sure you've seen posts online encouraging you to shop small, and I love that. However I know its not always feasible for everyone to shop. Right now there are so many people unemployed, and many who don't know how long their jobs will last, so shopping this season you might not be feasible. However, this doesn't mean you can't support a small business that you love. So today I want to just make a whole post breaking down how you can support small businesses and creators this holiday season.

Support Small 25 Sweetpeas

1. Shop Small 

If you able to shop this holiday season, try to shop local and or via small businesses. We've seen a lot of these businesses have a really rough year so if you can, why not support them.

Support Small 25 Sweetpeas

2. Share Small Businesses/Creators Posts on Social Media

No matter what your shopping status is this season you can support Small Businesses/Creators online. So many ways actually that we need some categories here.

  • Like Their Posts - This tells Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook that you like their content, which should help their reach on the platform you perform the action on.
  • Comment on their posts - This is a form of engagement which is what fuels the success of a post online. It will help that account reach more people.
  • Share their posts - This helps the Small Businesses/Creators word of mouth exposure, and again helps them reach more people than they would have before.
  • Save their posts On Instagram - This tells Instagram you like the creators content, which boosts their engagement.
  • Pin their Pins On Pinterest - This helps the Small Businesses/Creators reach a new audience.
Support Small 25 Sweetpeas

3. Shop Via Affiliate links

There seems to be a bit of confusion about affiliate links and what they are, so let me share! An affiliate link is a link that takes you to a shop/item. Not all links are affiliate links but I am sure you've seen things disclosed as *affiliate links on many platforms. When you use this link it doesn't affect how much or how little you pay for the item. This actually helps the person you got the link from though. They often get a small percentage of the sale. So if you do need to shop on Amazon or just bigger places in general if you can get an affiliate link from a content creator you like this will in turn actually help them in some shape way or form.

I have seen a handful of people discouraging others from shopping on Amazon, and only shopping small. Which if you can do that, that is great. However if you can't, we get it, we understand and do not want to make you feel bad this Holiday season. Remember to take those actions I mentioned above to help support small if you can't shop. Also if you do need to shop at a bigger retailer, chose to do so to via affiliate links, that way you are also helping a small business/creator.

If you have any questions, or anything you would like for me to consider adding please let me know! :) 


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