Merry Christmas 2020


25 Sweetpeas Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday today!

I know today feels different for many and may not be what you were looking forward to. The good news however, if you are here and doing what you can to stay safe and protect your loved ones. Hopefully you get to have lovely calls or zoom hang outs with family and friends today! 

Today is also the last day of Nailmas! Its crazy, in some ways it feels like it just began and others not! Either way it was fun, and thank YOU for continuing to watch year after year. I know this years was different so thanks for seeing it through. I realized last year the way that I did nailmas got me into a creative rut when it came to an end. However this year by having fun with non traditional colors, and doing what felt like "me" rather than sticking with a Traditional Christmas feel has immensely helped. I had so much more fun with it this year, so thank you!

Well I off to enjoy the day, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!


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