Printable Gift Coupons for Christmas!


25 Sweetpeas Printable Gift Coupons for Christmas!

Hello there! Hope you are having a nice day! Wanted to share a free printable today to go along with todays Nailmas video! With the package and shipping system overloaded this year its likely a lot of us will have Christmas presents arriving late, so I created some printable you can print cut out and give in place of the present if its not arrived yet. That way they know its coming and still can have something tangible!

Also this works great for e-gifts. Lets say you bought a digital download for someone. Here you can put the details down so they know how to download it! :) 

25 Sweetpeas Printable Gift Coupons for Christmas!

All you need to do is press the download link below. Then you will find two options, one with lines, and one without. Then go ahead and download it and print! If you want it thicker I suggest printing it on Cardstock. If you don't have that though no worries, print it on normal printer paper as I did above and use as is! Or cut and put it on construction paper, or slip it in a Christmas card! Oh so many options!


Hope you find this helpful!


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