Sweetpeas Pick Vol. 65

Oh Christmas Tree Illustration by 25 Sweetpeas

Hiya! Ahh, I'm on a roll with these blog posts! Even though this is a weird year for the Holiday season I am having SOO much fun with the art aspect with it! I have made so much art that I love more than anything else I have made. Honestly I am afraid I'll run out of time to do all that I want to do! Somehow though, I'm making it work!

1. I love cordial cherries but I don't eat chocolate anymore, and there seems to be no white chocolate version so I've not had one in years! So this year I've found an answer and am so excited! I used this Old Fashioned Chocolate Cherry Mash recipe, but altered it! LOL! I used just White Chocolate as the "Chocolate" part! It tastes pretty close, good enough me since I don't do normal chocolate! 

2. While we are talking food this Piña Colada Truffle Recipe sounds really good!

3. If you want Gingerbread House inspiration, or to just drool at, I have a board of way too ambitious ideas!

4. I don't know if I have said this on here or not but guess what?! I have GIFs now n GIPHY! That means on Instagram were you add a GIF to your story you can just search "25Sweetpeas" to find mine!

5.  I recently got a phone upgrade, and the Night Photos are amazing! I have been taking an excessive amount of photos of Dixie and all of the glowy Christmas lights! Its my favorite thing today!

6. Did you know Michaels, ya know like the craft store, has a photo printing service?! Like I did not know this until very recently! We used them to print some things for us and I am LOVING them! Everything came out SOO insanely well.

7. This Fox mug is SOO cute! I just wish it was microwavable! I feel like I would totally forget and stick it it!

8. Anthropology has this really cute 12 Days of Christmas Plate Set, and the one with 9 Ladies Dancing has a Cavalier King Charles on it, and its SOO cute! I really wish it was a mug! That would just have to be my Holiday mug of the year! I just LOVE it, but have no need for a plate! LOL! A mug though, thats a different story! 

Well I think thats it for today! Hope you are having a nice day, and I'll be back to chat with y'all soon! :)


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