Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 66

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25 Sweetpeas Sweater Weather Illustration

Hello and welcome back to 25 Sweetpeas! Thought I would pop in today for another Sweetpeas Picks blog post since I seem to be on a roll with them lately! Its been fun trying to blog more recently too! Especially since I've been illustrating more this holiday season. More things to share!

1. This cookbook I wanted to give as a gift finally came back in stock, of course I'm done shopping now, and it wouldnt arrive in time for Christmas anyway, but this cookie cookbook looks great! Have tired some of her recipes and they are good! Def need the book someday!

2. Sugar Cookie Kisses! Thoughts? I have yet to try them but have them and will be making cookies with them! Excited to try them, I love that there are various white chocolate options at the moment! Wooo!

3. Super random but I have to share! So last month I got an Apple Watch! Love it! Anyway, I wanted to get a screen/bumper for it since I have a fear of damaging the screen! I tried one that was pink that has the tempered glass as it had great reviews. However I got it, not a fan. Basically it looks like the company was paying for good reviews, as If you review the item you could get a gift card. Anyway I used it till about last week so about 3-4 weeks of wear and it did protect me. However the color was already showing wear, and random specks of things got under the screen so I was constantly having to take off and clean. I thought eh, its protecting my watch. However I found this Clear one, and I am liking it, a lot! The screen stays cleaner, it doesn't have anything to show wear, and less things seem to go under it and show up on my screen! So very impressed so far, and it was a too pack so I have a backup! Plus only 7.99 to protect a pricy watch is so worth it!

4. I'm just obsessed with the Shawn Mendes CD. Its so good! Call My Friends is my fave today! Plus after the week I've had I can relate to the "I need a vacation for my mind" line!

5. The Band Camino's new song, Roses! So good!

6. If you or anyone you know is in the need of a new MacBook computer case I am currently obsessed with this one! My old one had a crack in it so I replaced it and now I wonder why I didn't do it sooner! This is SOO pretty! I got it for my older MacBook Air, but am now seriously considering getting it for my new laptop if its available in the 2020 MacBook Air! I got a clear one for it, but do not like it, it limits the tilt of your screen!

7. Getting ready to go make these cookies! The cherries are soaking at the moment! :) 

Ok I feel like half of this blog post has been cookie related! Maybe that's a sign I should go get started on them! :) Ahhh can't beat a fresh warm cookie can you!?


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