Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 64


25 Sweetpeas JOY Illustration

Well hello, long time no chat! No really though, its been a long time since I have written a Sweetpeas Picks post! Its been a weird, and hard year. No denying it and maybe sometime I'll chat about it but right now I'm focusing on trying to enjoy the holiday season. :)

1. We've been putting up our Christmas decor, and ahhhh, I just LOVE Christmas decor! I think Dixie likes it too, she's been in the best mood lately! Psst, if you are new around here Dixie is my lil four legged sister! ;)

2. I am not huge on Christmas music! Weird I know, but here is a playlist of songs I do like if you are in the mood for some non traditional tunes!

3. I am obsessed with the Netflix Princess Switch series! Seriously, I can watch it daily and be happy!

4. Have you been watching the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas? So far my faves have been, One Royal Holiday, and On the 12th date of Christmas! Oh and the Christmas Waltz was good too!

5. Its December 7th, and I actually have all of my Christmas shopping done! I don't think that has ever happened! I don't have it all yet, but shipping has been pretty fast thus far! I've also done it all online this year. Its so weird to not go out and shop. Usually I'd go on lil Christmas shopping outings with a Starbucks Red Cup in Hands and have fun. Or use it as a fun time to hang out with my brothers but not this year! Safety first!

6. Have you been watching any Vlogmas this year? I've been watching Zoe Suggs, and Alfie Deyes, so they are technically different POV of the same day but different enough to watch them both! 

7. I have been obsessed Reels! Anyone else!? The quick lil DIYS are so good, and totally make me watch to be creative! I have saved so many Christmas-y ones! 

8. I've been mixing up what I post on Instagram lately and I am loving it!

9. Did you know on Instagram stories you can post a "live" photo if you have taken a Live Photo! Basically just upload the Live Photo into stores by swiping up in ur stories to access your photo library. Once you have selected it you will only see the still version. So hold down one finger on the image and it shall come to life and turn into a lil boomerang!

Well I shall wrap things up today! I hope you make the best of this holiday even though it may not feel normal to you! Just gotta try and not overthink, and just enjoy. easier said than done trust me I know! 



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