Draw with Me on Youtube Today!


25 Sweetpeas Princess Switch Cake Illustration

Hello there! Welcome back, its another day of Nailmas! Today on Youtube I am doing something a little different! I am actually doing a lil bit of a Draw with Me! I needed to slow it down on my nails! Ha, all of the extra hand washing, the dry air that we don't normally have right now, has gotten to my hands a bit! So slowing it down and sharing something that I personally love to watch!

I know draw with me's are not the typical sort of thing I share but I actually love watching them, and quite enjoyed making this one! So I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think!

This holiday season I have been obsessed with the Netflix Movie, well now series, The Princess Switch! Just a good, happy, funny, festive movie! Which we all need right about now I would say. I've watched the first one so many times and have integrated many lines into daily life! Hahaha! :) I love it! Which leads me to what this illustration is inspired by! In the first movie, Stacy participates in a Holiday Baking competition and there is this really big festive cake in the end of the movie, which is what the cake here is inspired by! :) 

So if you fancy a nice lil draw with me video go check it out now here. Hope you enjoy it!


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