Winter Nail Care Favorites

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Winter Nail Care Faves

Hello and welcome back! Today I thought it would be nice to give you a bit of a Winter Nail Care product blog post. Usually I don't have much of a nail care change in the winter. Especially not in December! Our "winter" is really Jan and Feb in Florida. Trust me, no matter what people says, its gets cold in Florida! Too cold in my opinion! 😋

However this year, its December and we've gotten unseasonably cold here in North East Florida, and I was not prepared! So as y'all know I've had to dial it down a bit in Nailmas to save my hand. I had a skin irritation from hand washing as well as dry air. The best thing to do for it is to wash hands less frequently, HAHA, and or use unscented soap. However, in 2020, thats not possible, its a wash your hands all the time with what ever soap you can find kinda year sooo yeah, I'm doing what I can!

1. Cuticle oils, y'all these are SOO necessary! I use them on a normal basis as it is, but now I'm like doubling up! I love Stella Chroma's Cuticle Oil Pens! So handy! Hehe! She has 3 Holiday scents, Chestnut Brown Sugar, All the Jingle Ladies, and Sleigh All day! I love them all equally! Right now I am wearing Brown Sugar Chestnut tho, and its so cozy smelling!

2. This is boring, and has no smell, but this Gold Bond Eczema lotion is saving my hands at the moment! Seriously, Ive had a red dry itchy patch on a hand for a few weeks, I've used so many things that in the past have worked for me but nothing was working. So on Saturday we got this lotion and I'm using it like clockwork and its helping SOO much! Going to have to be a new staple for me!

3. So because I am having the worst luck with my hands, I totally burnt my finger about a month ago. I used this Intense Butter Balm avidly and now you can barely tell! Totally helped it not scar I do believe!

4.  My file of choice is the Glass File by Heroine NYC. I've tried various brands, but I always go back to the Heroine one! Its the one that converted me to a glass file, and its still my fave!

5.  I've not been using scrubs a ton lately since I've been trying to be in water minimally, but when It warms up again I'll be using them more! My faves are the Stella Chroma ones!

Well I think that actually concludes what I've been using lately and will continue to use hand/nail wise! My fave body lotion is this one by OGX. I've been bad tho and skipping it lately, as lotion legs + leggings aren't super fun! LOL! Shorts are so much more manageable! Can ya tell I'm not a winter person? 😁😂 So now tell me, what have you been using? How are you keeping your hands and nails in tip top shape?

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