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25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

I've never really been great with doing a creative challenge in its entirety. I either run out of time and allow that to be an excuse, or I start to lack interest in themes and give up. That being in said in December I chose a few to work from when I felt lacking in ideas of my own and it was SO fun! 

Now lets back up for a moment. Maybe you are wondering, what's Sarah talking about so let me explain. You know how people will do daily work out things like a 30 Day workout, or maybe goals like 10K steps a day, and so on. Well there are creative challenges all over the Internet. My main ones of interest are the art related ones, and I really leaned into them in December. I saved prompt lists that gave you a daily prompt, ones that had weekly themes, and it ended up being fun. I popped into them when I could and so I really want to do more of that! For instance I would love to do just 100 Days or art or something like that, so as a bit of a test run I did last weeks #MakingArtEveryday challenge hosted by the one and only Bardot Brush. Here is a break down of the days and their themes!

Day 1: Ice Cream

Day 2: Cookie

Day 3: Cake

Day 4: Popsicle

Day 5: Donut 

Day 6: Candy

Day 7: Cupcake

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

So on day one I sat down to do the prompt and a did a full on ice cream cone, with 2 scoops of ice cream, and was so excited that I got something for day one. Then I realized it didn't really feel like me. Granted I did what I wanted to do, meaning one of my goals was to figure out how to draw things alone, and just sort of have the float there as a single image sort of thing, but eh, I just couldn't do it. So I expanded upon it, and I ended up over complicating it, but it was oh so worth it! I ended up taking a beach sidewalk scene I had created but didn't know what to do with it and so I added a lil ice cream cart, because I mean who wouldn't want ice cream at the beach! It came out much better then the original one!

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 2 was cookie, and I struggled with that one! Which was like a major bummer moment because its day 2 how could I flop on day two! However I kept going! I twisted the prompt and made is cookie related. I decided to create a menu for the ice cream cart from the day before. This menu included a build your own ice cream cookie sandwich with all of the fun cookie options. I ended up loving the doodle like feel to it! So fun!

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 3 was cake! Now over the Christmas season I discovered I really enjoy making fun cakes in the form of illustration so I had fun with a pineapple cake, because well, WHY not 😄! Plus it just makes sense coming from me right!? I first off started with a bit of a boring cake. Which is shown, and then I put it on a cake stand and it was still kinda like blah, so I then added a lil tropical floral moment! 😀

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 4 was Popsicle and while this one was a tricky one, its not probably one of my favorites! Its inspired a real place, that is also my fave popsicle shop! I didn't have any photos I had taken of that exact street because its usually busy with people and I have not been in a long while, but they had one on their Instagram, Hyppo Popsicle. I took some creative liberties with it and pretended there was a planter and a bunting as if they were all jazzed up for a celebration!

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 5 was donut! Now I usually have a hard time with illustrations that are looking down on a "flat lay" but that's something I really want to get better at so I went with that approach here. It actually came pretty easy. When you see a cute donut you don't want a side view, you want all of the detail, which I think is shown pretty well here. It was fun to turn them into fruit!

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 6 was candy, and probably the hardest day. Plus to be completely honest took me more than a day. I had an idea for just shelves of candy, and got about halfway done and was not liking it. So much so I'm not even sharing it lol! Then I was like well how can I make candy cute. I got to thinking about candy stores, so I just looked up candy stores, and looked at their layouts. Somehow I ended up on the Sugarfina Instagram doing a deep dive into their summery posts and suddenly I was loving the candy theme. I decided to make shelves in a candy store. Full on with scoops and boxes for you to scoop and weigh your candy picks! I also had SO much fun color coordinating the shelves because well, why not! Who doesn't love a rainbow shelf. I feel like the girls over on the Home Edit would be pleased! Also fun fact, I named the shop SummerHaven Sweet Shop because I am working on a book, fictional, and the island it takes place on that is also fiction is called SummerHaven, and one of my goal this year is to illustrate pieces of the book for fun!

25 Sweetpeas Making Art Everyday

Day 7 was cupcakes, and since the Day 6 took more time this was done a few days after if we are talking about actual time. This was a bit of a bummer, but I figure its ok because I was still working on an illustration on all of those days! Here I decided on some cute tropically decorated cupcakes, because well what else would you expect from me right?! 😉

Overall I am so happy I joined for just one week of MakingArtEveryday! I would love to do more, but I feel the week segments are great and not too intimidating, plus not all prompts feel like me so this popping in when I can was so so nice! I'm not preparing to do a 4 week art challenge that is going to be a bit more time intensive even though I do think there are only 4 illustrations, they are certainly ones that take more time and I'm honestly so excited!  Hope you enjoyed this recap, and I hope you will try some sort of fun creative challenge! If you want to learn more about Making Art Everyday check out Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush

25 Sweetpeas


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