6 Years of 25 Sweetpeas

25 Sweetpeas

Well hello there! Wow, so today marks 6 years of 25 Sweetpeas! Which is kinda crazy! That means I have had this blog and a Youtube channel for 6 years, and wow have both of those things changed in 6 years. Its  kinda crazy! When I step back and think about it. The various blog designs, the type of art I've done. Its actually only been in the past 2-3 years that 25 Sweetpeas has really become what I envisioned all along, especially in 2020 despite all of the weird parts of the year, my blog became what I had always wanted. The perfect mix of nails, art, and life.

 I still have so many aspects I want to add too, however some of those things can't really happen due to the nature of the world at the moment, so I don't feel too beat up about it as I know its out of my control.

I've been a lil unmotivated with writing this post in all honesty which is why I am writing it on the day of the anniversary, this hasn't been sitting in drafts waiting to auto post, I'm writing it on the day its being published. Sometimes its weird to reflect back, but sometimes it can also be really cool because its like hey, the work I did got me here. To the point where I love the website and the content I am creating. So its just all of the feels. 

Had this been a blog anniversary in years pasts I would have made it a nice lil work remote day from my fave coffee shop and lay out ideas for upcoming things and so on. However obviously that's not something one can just go do right now. So I reserved today for what ever I wanted to do, and the main ideas was to just chill at home, listen to music, visit the Starbucks Drive thru and illustrate. When I woke up today that was the plan too! However when I went to take our dog out this morning something amazing happened, IT WAS WARM! Am I being dramatic? Mayyyybeeee, but for a Florida winter this has been the coldest so this was a super nice surprise. So I came inside and checked the beach cams to see if they were packed! I have not been to the beach since June!!! And If you have been following 25 Sweetpeas for any amount of you know that is not normal. I LOVE the beach, I gain all of my inspiration there and its where I am the happiest. However our beaches were packed all summer and even in to the fall, and with COVID it was hard, and scary. Do I go to a packed beach and risk it? Most often it felt like not the smartest idea. Pssttt, my beach literally made national news 😳, so yeah its felt like I made the right choice to not go. Anyway, back to today, when I checked this morning is was basically empty! So my plans changed! I was going to finally get to the beach, and on a special day! SO excited. So I went on about my morning, made a yummy lunch and left the house for the first time this year! I got there and it was BEAUTIFUL! The ocean was so calm, there weren't many people, everyone was spaced out and I wore a mask until I got past all of the people and oh my goodness! I needed that! It was SO nice. I walked over 2 miles and it was the best 2 miles since June!

Everything I do with 25 Sweetpeas is usually inspired by the ocean, marine life, and just a tropical lifestyle, and it felt SO nice to to reunited with it. I know this sounds dramatic, but I felt more me and more inspired than I have in a LONG time! In a weird way, it gave me purpose again, I don't know what I mean about that but it was just SO nice. I can't really put it into words. Its just always been a place I have found so much calm and inspiration. If I'm lacking on ideas, and need inspiration the beach is my go too place and this was just so over due. I've now only been home for a few hours but I am just ready, I want to do all of the things. I want to create art, I want to write blog posts, I want to write in my fiction books, I want to learn more about the ocean, I want to work on my climate change research, I want to start planning a new series I have been stewing on for a bit, I want to listen to music and watch all the topical movies. There is just so much I want and need to do that I finally feel that spark in again! 

This was just the most perfect way to spend today celebrating 6 years of 25 Sweetpeas! I went to the beach, I'm now enjoying a nice cold brew from Starbucks, trying to just enjoy the moment, and bask in the inspiration that today gave, not get to caught up in worrying about the unknown which is something I have really let get to me a lot in the past year. Is it in the back of my head you know it, but I feel more inspired than I have in a bit so we area gonna ride that high for tonight. Also think I am going to watch one of my fave movies, maybe Fools Gold! Ooo, and maybe Ride Along 2 for the cut scenes, and Sweet Home Alabama because why not?! :) 

I'm guessing this is not what one expected for a 6 year anniversary blog post but its been super nice just chatting and I'm honestly so excited about ideas I have at the moment so I just wanted to do a lil brain dump here on the significant day! Hope you have enjoyed it!

25 Sweetpeas


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