Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 67

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello! Its time for a new Sweetpeas Picks. The weather has been oh so dreary lately so the days have felt very blah. However this week I have been participating in Bardot Brushes #MakeArtEveryday because the prompts have seemed pretty do-able or so I thought at first! Its Sweet Treats and each day has a new prompt! So far so good! On day one I created something I didn't like so I restarted and ended up LOVING it! So yeah its been good.

How is everyone doing? I know so far this year just feels like 2020 Part 2, but I was expecting that honestly as just because the calendar changes, magic doesn't happen. there was good news today though I'll put it in the first point below :) There were other things though too!

1. The First preview for the new, and final, To All the Boys came out! I'm so excited for it!

2. Netflix released a list of weekly new movies this year, like WHOA! Plus looks like some good ones! Which I'm excited about because there is like nothing to watch. I'm most excited about... To All The Boys 3, Kissing Booth 3, and The Princess Switch 3. The only bad part is that like all of these are probably the final ones for the series. Like for sure the first 2, I have no clue about the Princess Switch though. Ahh, I LOVE that series. Cheesy? Yes, but oh so fun!

3. Something that wasn't on the list was another Falling Inn Love movie. Like, I would LOVE that! It could be about them running the Inn!? Or it could be Christmas at the Inn in New Zealand! There are just so many ways they could take it and I'd be all for it!

4. Really missing Christmas break, anyone else?

5. If you like The Aces, you should check out this song! Seriously sounds so much like them! 

6. This dessert sounds like a DREAM. Shortbread, cream cheese, and LEMON CURD! It practically covers all of my favorites! Now if you could make it in a Key Lime way too I would be set!

7. Ooo, if you are looking for a good and easy homemade truffle for Valentines day next month, or just any time I HIGHLY suggest this recipe. Its by Grandbaby Cakes and we did them for Christmas in Orange and then Key Lime, and OH MY! SOOOO good. I'm not an orange person, so I ate the Key Lime Ones and SOOOO good! Like I think I need them now for my Birthday every year. They are THAT good. Also they were such a hit we made both of them two times over the holiday! 

8. I tried something NEW this week! I experimented with Resin and it was so neat! SMELLY which I wasn't really expecting for some reason. Basically it smells super musty. Ick! Maybe next time I'll wear a mask, which we now have aplenty of. Anyway, I got to demold them yesterday and its so cool! Not bad for my first go. I had some bubbles, and should of filled some fuller, but I certainly have some useable pieces that I may put together later this week. Pretty excited about it! 

9. I posted a super simple Reel on December 31st, and it had like a meh success rate, and then suddenly in the past few days has picked up traction like crazy. I don't know what made it happen but WOW! Also I think its become my most liked thing on Instagram in like years! Not sure what it is about it, just goes to show the power of the Internet and why TikTok was/is so popular!

10. If you like color, and to be inspired/motivated by fun things I highly suggest checking out Origin Magazine! I got my first issue last year and its great to pick up when you are feeling a lil blah, and then I got the latest one for Christmas and its so nice to sit down and just read a few pages and look at all of the lovely work in it! Such a nicely crafted magazine! In the photo in this post that's what I am reading and lil Miss Dixie is hanging out in her "day bed" that she got for Christmas! Ahhh, I just LOVE it! Her in the bed consumes my camera roll!

Well think that's a wrap for this post! Off to close my exercise ring, LOL! I've been so so good this year, full on workouts every morning but today I had the worst headache when I woke up, so sometimes ya just gotta take that as a sign to just chill and do minimal work is possible. So I took an easy then sorted out some school work I need to do this morning and am now writing this and laying out some videos. A rather chill day. I will be working on todays #MakingArtEveryday tonight with a latte and a cozy blanket I think! Hope you are having a nice day!


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