Pink Polishes to Wear Right Now

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Pink Polishes to Wear _ 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Hope you are having nice day thus far! One of my goals for 2021 has been to create more fun blog posts where I share things I like or have liked over spans of time, meaning not because I just swatched it and so on! So thought it would be fun to share my go to pinks or pinks I would totally wear in the valentine season, working on more the these curated nail polish guides for you because I think they are fun! 😃 So lets go look at polish!

Zoya Kitridge - Ahh this is the perfect bubblegum pink!

Heroine NYC Bubblegum - I love this pink! I used it a lot last summer, its so happy!

ILNP Juliette - A special foil-y rose gold/copper dream! I LOVE this one, and don't wear it nearly enough.

Orly Choreographed Chaos - This polish actually has a slight shimmer which is not usually my thing but I love this! This one is so fun and happy!

Zoya Missy - Zoya has some really nice pinks, and this is one of them! Such a nice pink!

Heroine NYC Sugar Spun - This photo does no justice! This is the pretties pastel pink that you've seen be over use for years!

ILNP Gumdrop - So this is the one polish on the list that I don't have. I was looking for all of the others and this one kept popping up and it just looks too pretty to not share!

Defy & Inspired Vita Fit Fitalicious - By far the most affordable on this list, and its SO good! Plus pretty! I love it! 

China Glaze Strawberry Fields - While making this post I asked my mom what her favorite pink polish to wear is if she's going to wear a pink and this was her pick! It is really pretty, and its actually similar to the previous polish I shared, but a finer sparkle element! 

So that was fun! Hope you found a fun pink to try! Now I am super interested in knowing what YOUR favorite pink is!


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