Free Valentines Phone Wallpapers!

25 Sweetpeas Valentines Wallpaper

Hello! Wow, I really can't believe we are into February! That seems crazy to me! That being said I am prepared with a few free wallpaper downloads for the Valentines like theme. I don't really plan on getting to into any holiday themes this year beyond Christmas but thought I could so a lil by sharing some free downloads! :) Plus I had fun just creating some lil random doodles! I asked on Instagram as to if you wanted them in stories or on my blog, and y'all said here, which makes more sense too so I'm pretty excited about it. Below you will find 5 different Valentines Inspired wallpapers. You can press the download here button to be taken to the download! 

* Wallpapers are for Personal Use only. If you do share them on Instagram Stories please tag me, also please do not crop out my name in the graphic. If you would like to collaborate on an illustration project please enquire by sending an email to, for rates and details.

Marker Hearts 25 Sweetpeas Wallpaper

Cheetah Doodle iPhone Wallpaper 25 Sweetpeas

Heart Stripes iPhone Wallpaper 25 Sweetpeas

Valentine Roses Iphone Wallpaper 25 Sweetpeas

Valentines Marble iPhone Wallpaper 25 Sweetpeas


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