Snack Mixes For Valentines Day

Snack Mixes For Valentines Day- 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Today I am sharing something super different, but also delicious! Ha, I know you probably didn't stumble upon 25 Sweetpeas and think, hmmm I wonder if there are any recipes on here, but guess what!!?? There is! 😄 Today I actually have 2 for you that are perfect for this Valentines week, but could/should totally be adjusted for every holiday in my opinion because they are super yummy! 

One mix is a bit of a sweet and salty mix, whereas the other is just on the sweet side. I think my fave is the sweet side one but both are delicious if I do say so! I know people don't like a ton of text in a recipe post so let me just give ya all of the info you need then I'll have printable for you! 🙂

Snack Mixes For Valentines Day- 25 Sweetpeas

This first mix here is your sweet and salty mix. It has a mixture of Rice/Corn Chex, Pretzels, Corn Chips as your dry ingredients. Then you will need some butter and brown sugar. a lil oven time, then a candy of your choice. We used the Starburst Hearts and they are so good in this mix. Its such a good balance of flavors. Full details and amount can be found in the recipe!

Snack Mixes For Valentines Day- 25 Sweetpeas

The last one here is my fave! Its a take on the good ole traditional Muddy Buddys but make it sandy! 😉 For the most part my house hold doesn't really eat chocolate as its a migraine trigger and many of us deal with that SO we just don't eat it. Its not that we don't like it, its just not worth it. So for this combo we use white chocolate chips, butter and some peanut butter, along with a mix of Peanut Butter Chex (Yep, that's a thing), and normal Rice/Corn Chex, and of course some powdered sugar. YUM! Then I mixed in some Swedish Fish hearts! Had no clue this was a think until recently but I love Swedish fish so these are great!

Well I think that about wraps this post up! Hopefully you give one of these, or both a go and enjoy this week! I think it will make for a great movie snack this Friday! 😉


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