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#ToAllTheFanArt - 25 Sweetpeas

Hello there! Hope y'all are having a wonderful start to your week! I wanted to share something a lil different today, because I saw the #ToAllTheFan art tag on Instagram and thought why not also participate! :) If you are a lil lost at what I am talking about I'll continue to explain! 😊

This Friday, Feb 12th 2021, the final To All The Boys movie is releasing on Netflix, so the movies official Instagram is encouraging all creatives to make something inspired by the movie, see here! So I thought I would join for the fun of it! I always think of these things once a movie release passes and then I'm like eh its too late, so this time I'm having fun with it! 

To-All-The-Boys-Watch-List - 25 Sweetpeas

Have you watched the series yet? I really do like the movies, they aren't my typical type of movie really but I just can't help buy enjoy these. Also I recall these books being really popular but I just never read them because well, picky book reader here, and they take place during a "school year" and that's a big no for me! LOL! Movie form tho its so good! Plus also at this point there is so little new things to watch, so I'm a lil over excited for something new! 😂 If you want to watch them before the new ones release you can start on Wednesday night with To All The Boys I've Loved Before, then Thursday night watch To All The Boys: PS I still Love You, then end the week on Friday with To All the Boys : Always and Forever! Thats what I'll be doing to rewatch them this week since there is nothing else to watch that is new anyways!ðŸĪŠ


Last illustration! I wanted to do something scene wise so I decided to do the corner cafe that we see a few times in the first movie. Its such a well framed scene in the movie too, that being said when I did it strictly like the movie it looked a lil blah, so I took some creative liberties and added some plants and a menu. Oooo, and a lil mail box as a lil Easter egg for how it all started! ðŸĨ° Oh, and the billboard for the movie! Hehehe!! 😏 Whatcha think?! Kinda fun I hope! 

Now if you have watched them do you like the series? Were you team Peter or John Ambrose?


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