Sweetpeas Chats Vol. 1


Sweetpeas Chats

Hello there! Thought I would pop in today for a random little chat today. Just cause, plus my time I was going to be working on the upcoming days content for Instagram was interrupted by the Instagram outage so I'll just use that time to work here today.

Actually the whole Instagram outage is one of those reasons I WANT to post more on my blog. While Instagram has a wonderful sense of community, Instagram is super unreliable. I have no control over my content getting seen nor when the platform will crash and so on. Sure my blog can crash too, if that happens there are probably much bigger issues, ya know? I don't know if that makes sense to everyone, but hopefully in some way, you grasped what I mean. We all spend so much time on Instagram yet at any moment it could just be gone. Now I don't mean I'll just stop putting effort into Instagram by any means, because I do enjoy it, its introduced me to amazing friends, inspiring artists, and just can overall make a bad day a lil better. I've cultivated my Instagram, via who I follow and what I post, to be a happy place form me, and I do enjoy it despite the times where it makes my job hard ya know?

Sweetpeas Chats

Anyway, long story long apparently, I want to talk to you about something I want to, which is to create a better community aspect feeling here. I would love to start a mailing list, where I will send out newsletters, updates, exclusive content, maybe even early access to things, all in all a place for us to connect beyond here and social media. What do you think? Would you join it? Anything in particular you would enjoy seeing in it?

I know over the past few years things have really changed up here, but for me it didn't feel like a major change, it just felt like me letting you all into more of my interests and passions, and there is even more of that coming. I actually recently changed my Instagram bio, random piece of info I know, but when I looked at it it didn't really feel like me. Yeah it mentioned nails, art, a blog, a YouTube, and while that does cover things I do, it was missing something. It was missing my Inspiration, and my motivation. The ocean, and marine life. I more than ever, know that my passion for all things sea and ocean related need to be an important piece in what I do. While I am not a Marine Scientist, or anything close to that I want to share my ocean knowledge, help inform you of things, and research all of the things to know more about the wonderful Ocean, Marine Life, tropical environments, and share that with you through my art, and photos. Share important resources and so much more. While I am not 100% how that will all be done I will work my best on it and I think it will show in my work. 

I'm sure all of that of which you just read wasn't surprising. I mean my branding is based on pineapples, palm trees, and flamingos. It's evident in my work, and what I share, but I just felt like sharing that today I guess. Well I guess that is it. I hope you are looking forward to more fun things here, and I can't wait to hear what YOU want to see in a newsletter. Before I officially sign off today though, this week the weather messed up my one day I look forwards to and work towards each week, a beach day, so that's why I've been sharing beach photos in this post, and it will make even more sense once you read that last bit!

Sweetpeas Chats

Ok, so I have a funny story from last weeks beach trip! So we are walking and I'm always looking pretty far ahead. It was low tide and I'm always excited to see what's washing up. Lately there have been lots of neat things so I'm paying attention. I saw something roll onto the beach in the waves, and from where I was I felt like it could be a conch shell! A big one at that, its rare to find full size ones so at this point I am really excited. I had found one earlier in the day and the last time that happened a few years ago I found multiple so it stood to reason, it could be a conch shell! So I picked up my pace a bit and got excited, and as I got closer I thought, well it could just be a jelly fish, as there have been so many today. I then got distracted by a tide pool but I could still see the thing in question. I eventually made it there, and you won't believe what it was! I honestly wish I took a photo, because its weird! It was a head of broccoli! 😂 Like what is a head of broccoli doing in the ocean! 🤣 The only logical explanation is that someone on a boat out there really didn't feel like eating broccoli so they threw it overboard! Ha! 🤣 So on that note, I hope you are having a good day and I'll talk to you all soon!


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